Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Everyday I Write The Book

I was reflecting on myself over the weekend. I mean, what better subject to reflect on, right? Kidding. But, sometimes, everyone needs to take some time to just stop and sort of think about what they are doing, why they are doing it and making sure that all is well and they still love who they are and what they are accomplishing.

In my ever changing moods, I have learned that I am a better person, a better friend, a better president, a better entrepreneur, a better mom, a better wife, if I am at ease and happy with myself. If I find areas of discord or things that are bringing me down, I assess, recharge and put myself back on track. I am not a person who can wallow or sad sack it around for very long. When I find myself going along these paths, I am the first one to kick myself in the arse and put myself back on the road to happiness.

One of the things that will interfer with my moods faster than anything is when my daily routines are messed up. It's not like I am a 90 year old woman that has to have her oatmeal at 5am, sharp. (Not making fun of 90 year old women.) But, I have ways that I like to run my days and it's been like that from the time I was very young. I am heavy on schedules and lists and cringe at the unstructured and messed up day.

I wake up at the same time, each day. I like to get up around 5am. I need to know that I am up at least an hour before the rest of my house. I drink coffee, have computer time, plan my day, pack lunches, make breakfast and everyone is usually out the door by 8am...and then my day begins. The entire house needs to be organized, dishes put away, laundry put away...everything in it's place and then I can move on.

It's the same with my bread business. I have a certain order of breads that make. I know that the coffee house features four varieties for the lunch service. I have to bake them in a certain order. If I baked the herbed breads before the plain breads, I am done. It has be be a certain order. If I am baking rolls AND breads, I have to make the loaves first.

I run my closet and outfit planning in the same way. I have a huge collection of clothing in a huge closet that spills out into the guest suite of my house. Shoes and handbags take up alcove space. To some, it looks like a complete mess. To me, it is exactly as it should be. It's my system and if I try to be all neat and tidy and get tons of fancy bins and containers and fancy hangers, I lose it. I love the disarray of my closet, the scent of my perfume, the colors and textures of it all.

I know that it would seem my closet would be a model after say, Patrick Bateman's in American Pyscho...now that was an organized closet...and then he was a complete madman. I take the complete maddening closet to make me sane and happy. With the rest of my life running like clockwork, I guess I have to have one area that is a free for all.

I am getting ready to launch yet another venture. More info. to come, later, but the ironic part is that it will be a model after my own closet and heart. I just have to laugh because I will have one venture, the bread, that is all about organization and exact planning. So, it makes sense that I need another venture for the other part of my brain. The unorganized part.

So, yes, like this Elvis Costello lyric...Everyday, everyday, everyday...I feel like this is my mantra, each morning, as I set about my routines. I need the balance of the organized so that I can embrace the unorganized part of me, love what I am doing and continue to love me. If half of my life is completely on schedule, everyday is a good day.


Dawn said...

Speaking of your perfume...some friends and I were at Ulta and I was talking about the perfume you wear. We found it, I smelled it and I thought of you. Creepy? I don't think so; I hope you don't either. Some smells take us back to a certain time and place and smelling your perfume makes me think of the good times we have together. :)

Pamela said...

Dawn...we HAVE had some wonderful times!!! And, they are not over...I figure the boy still has 2 1/2 years left at college so I am hoping it puts you on visits that we can meet...and, of course, my house is always open to you!!!!