Monday, June 28, 2010

Sylvia's Mother

Cheer camp is over, again, for, wait...FOREVER. Wow, that really hit me kind of weird. The last cheer camp of the cheerleader's high school cheer career. She is now an official senior and just returned from a three day camp that her squad has attended since freshman year. This was my fourth year of driving her to school for the early morning pick up on departure day. Yes, she can drive, now, but we didn't want her car left, unattended, at the school for that long in the parking lot. Anyway, this really isn't about camp as much as it is about my parking lot observations on the day we dropped off for camp.

In my ever changing moods, I am now the mom of a senior cheerleader and that makes me the mom who has come through the ranks and watched a lot of cheer moms. It is a weird year for both the cheerleader and me. It is weird for her to realize that she and her other senior pals are THE role models. THE leaders. Nobody is left ahead of them to continue to pave the way. They are the pavers. I have had to realize that the moms ahead of me the past three years are no longer there. Each year, I have watched them disappear, one by one. Now, we are the moms that I thought the newer moms would look to. Wrong. There is a new type of cheer mom in town. I call this new type of mom, Mrs. Avery. There were so many Mrs. Averys running around the parking lot on departure day. To me, Mrs. Avery has always been the ultimate control freak of a mom. I mean, seriously, what harm would it have done if she had just let Sylvia talk to the ex-boyfriend? And now, I get to watch all of these Mrs. Averys take over. It's both refreshing and scary. The year, I am sure will prove to be interesting.

I am of the moms that care and are supportive but have let our daughters cheer and stayed out of their business. Well, every group has it's one loose canon and our group of moms have had our loose canon. Yes, I blogged about it, last week. But, this is different. This is like a whole group of incoming freshman moms flying their own helicopters. You know, the hovering, bossy, competitive, my way or the highway kind of mom. The kind that wants to bypass all of that freshman cheer nonsense and have her Pookie front and center of Varsity. The moms that monopolize the coaches because they have MUCH better ideas. They complain a lot, too. Usually the complaint is about Pookie being wronged because she is not featured in each cheer or had to run an extra lap because she showed up in flipflops for practice. These moms don't like the uniforms, the bows, the shoes. They run in a group of 8 moms and are always huddled in a secret group at functions pertaining to cheerleading. They are stage moms and video every single step Pookie makes. They tell Pookie how to smile, cheer, jump. They criticize Pookie and tell her to loose weight/gain weight/wear a cheer face/wave to the crowd.

It is exhausting watching Mrs. Avery in action. If there is a parental meeting, Mrs. Avery and gang file in, tell everyone that THEIR way is the way we will be doing things. The senior moms just sort of look at them. They are like little annoying dogs that just keep jumping up and down and barking orders. We sit and stare at them, step over them, ignore them and get our way because not only are we senior moms but we are SILENT senior moms. The kind that the coach likes. I just want to get out a giant fly swatter when I see a Mrs. Avery approaching.

I usually take a deep breath, smile politely, let them state their case, stomp their feet, try to sway everyone to do something their way all while yelling at Pookie to stand up straight, put on a cheer smile, taking a quick picture and telling them to tumble on command.

Please, Mrs. Avery...take a step back and wait your turn. It will come, one day. It always does. Please let the senior cheerleaders do their thing, let the senior moms be the cool slackers. We have raised a different breed of girl and cheerleader. Once we are gone, next year, you can take over. Pookie will have her time in the spotlight and you can drive yourself insane by trying to control every minute of the next four years. Stop trying to control us and our daughters. I know that I have raised my daughter to cheer all on her own. I have never held her hand, made her jump through hoops, and let her make her own decisions. I am the anti-Mrs. Avery...the last of a dying breed.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I have decided to change my Saturday blogging. I am still going to blog on Saturdays but instead of calling it Suggestion Saturday, I think I will just tell you what I am currently reading, watching, listening to. I do like that I make Saturday a different kind of posting day from my norm, but I don't want to force my suggestions on you.

In my ever changing moods, I know that what I like is not going to be what a lot of you like so why do I feel that I need to suggest things?

So, the new Saturday format....

My Ever Changing Saturdays!

I was listening to my Ipod while I was mowing, yesterday, and picked the soundtrack from Boogie Nights to enjoy. I picked this song from the soundtrack because we used the classical version of this song as our guests filed into our wedding ceremony.

While I was listening to the soundtrack, outside, I was remembering the movie and how it is one of my favs. When I get a block of free time, again, or an evening, alone, I want to watch it for the one millionith time. Love the movie, love the soundtrack, love the time frame.

I am currently reading this book by Bret Easton Ellis...and just an FYI, I am totally digging this book but I totally dig all of his books. It is said that this can be a stand alone book, but I think I have to disagree. I feel that it would work better if a person would read, Less Than Zero, first. That's just my opinion but I feel it gives you a better view of the characters from the 80s that grew into the characters of the millenium...

Beware..reading any Bret Easton Ellis books will have you listening to all of your old Elvis Costello music...or discover him if you don't already know his music. So, along with my revisiting of Boogie Nights music, I have been listening to old Elvis Costello...

So, that is what my ever changing Saturday finds me doing....have a great weekend!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion

There is something that Mr. Man and I are totally devoted to and that is continuing our love of the Grateful Dead and Grateful Dead shows through the different outlets that are still going strong. Throughout each year, we try to see as many Dark Star Orchestra shows, Ratdog shows, Furthur shows that we can. Our love of the Dead has never faded so why not continue to see the bands that still spread the music and the love? I love the chance to put on a twirly skirt, wrap myself in love beads and dance the night away.

In my ever changing moods, I am forever happy that I fell into the love vibe that was/is the Grateful Dead. The shows, the music, the people, the fun, the magic. We were young when our love for them started and like many Deadheads, we carry out love into adulthood.

Now that summer is in full swing, it means that our concert viewing is in full swing and it means that the Furthur tour and Dark Star shows are coming up in a matter of weeks. It's tradition for us to see Dark Star when they perform, locally, under the stars, each summer. It's four hours of total Dead recreations of shows. From the sound of drums in the air to the scent of patchouli wafting in the air, to the kaleidoscope of wardrobe colors, the gentleness and ease of strangers and the dancing...there must be dancing. My heart starts beating faster and faster as we make our way through the crowds at the shows. I cannot go to a Grateful Dead Show and now these other shows and not have a grand time!

The cheerleader was even at her first Grateful Dead show when we first found out I was pregnant. It was a show at The Omni in Atlanta. She danced to the sounds of Jerry and didn't even know it. Of course, that was a very different way to see the Dead, that time. No wine for me, I was ready to take a nap during the drum solo, I was fanning smoke away from me, the scent of patchouli was making my head hurt and I wasn't so dance-dance-dance since I was sort of feeling sick-sick-sick. But, she was there, with us, the three of us swaying to the music.

When she was born and would have cranky days or nights, the music that would soothe her would be the sounds of The Grateful Dead. As soon as we would play Ramble On Rose, Brown Eyed Women or Brokedown Palace, she would calm right down. She was a Jerry Garcia child and was soothed by his voice. (I don't mean that literally she was a child of Jerry Garcia. In spirit, in spirit...)

Her nursery theme was of Sugar Magnolia and had the words, Sunshine Daydream sprawled across her walls. Her nursery ceiling was an ode to Scarlet Begonias and in her world, her sky was yellow and her sun was blue...all painted with love, by me. She drifted off to dream land while listening to the bluegrass music of Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. She knows the music of The Grateful Dead but she doesn't want to admit that she embraces it. Yet. Right now, she remains appalled that her parents throw on tie-dye and twirly skirts and do our thing. (Mr. Man does not throw on the twirly skirt..)

Anyway, we are a family built on the foundation of peace, love and happiness and what better way to honor that? Going to these shows is a tradition for Mr. Man and me...we remain deadicated, er, dedicated to our devotion.

Get on the bus!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now

Today has been one of those days that the unexpected has happened. One of those days that hits you with a surprise that lets you savor the unexpected event. A day that shows you that you really did handle an explosive situation, in the past, in the right way by just standing in the background and not making a scene. A day when the wheel comes full cirlce, when a quiet voice won over the loud, protesting voices, a day where the sun feels like it is shining just for you. Today is that kind of day for me. The day when I see everything so clearly and feel so free.

In my ever changing moods, I believe in the philosophy of karma. And, in one way or another, karma always works it's magic. You don't know when, where or why. Sometimes it can be quite frustrating and it can cause you to question if you handled a situation the right way. But then that day pops open with a sunburst of karma and today, I am left smiling with a weight that has been lifted and a free spirit. Today, I have finally been able to rid myself of a bit of pent up anger, irritation and frustration. And the beauty of it all? I didn't have to do anything to bring this on. I handled a situation much like I handle many situations. I am not an in your face, confrontational, loud mouth. I choose to pick my battles, wisely and calmly and quietly, when I can. This is where the frustration feeling can come into play. Because, when I walk away from a situation trying to be the bigger person, there is always a nagging doubt about if I handled it correctly.

I am not going into details or a play by play. I deal with things in quiet ways when I can. I am not talking about irritating situations with irritating people. I am usually quick to cut my losses, let that person know, move on, don't look back. I give no mixed signals on if I like you, don't like you, am over your behavior, etc. I am not a hard person to read.

But, sometimes a situation becomes highly charged due to a person spearheading the situation and because of all the people involved and all of the people who are going to feel the aftershocks. I try to access and decide how to proceed. A couple of years ago, I was faced with this type of situation. I did a lot of smiling through tears, a lot of inner conflict soul searching, a ton of biting my tongue and finally, a silent release and removal of me from the situation. And, I moved on. But, for many reasons, I still had to be involved with the inner ring of conflict.

This morning, after over two years ago, it all changed. The sun came out, the clouds parted and my sweet, sweet karma was smiling on me. Sometimes you never get to see karma come full circle. You never get to know when exactly it happens. Today, is my Christmas in June. I unwrapped a big, beautiful package of release. It's a day that I can finally let it all go and I was able to re-position myself to a position of control and a quiet victory. My words were not cruel, the other party needed me in an ironic turn of events, I was able to swiftly work my words out, delivered them, released my pent up irritation and move on. I don't know if the other party feels that they got the ally they were looking for but they definitely know that I know what they did, what they said and that I would never again be treated in that manner.

Today is the day, in my ever changing moods, that I have been waiting a very long time to see happen. I plan to continue my walk in the clouds a bit longer...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cosmic Charlie

In my blogging mental vacay, I totally didn't get to blog about my bread baking experience. When I left you, last week, I was about to set off to conquer my fear of the kitchen and try to accomplish another goal in my ever changing moods. Bread baking. Can she do it? Yes, she can, and did!!

I have an online pal, C, who answered my plea for easy bread baking instructions. She gave me a recipe and directions via Facebook. She is a bread baking queen and was my shining star on that day. I took the directions and with flour and yeast packets, in hand, I jumped right in.

I will admit that the beginning stages of kneading did not go well. I didn't have enough flour, I don't think. I also forgot to flour my hands. I quickly got on board, though, and before I knew it, I had dough rising and then I when I divided it, I had two nice loaves ready to bake. The baking time found me biting my nails and staring at the timer. What emerged were two nicely browned loaves. I let them cool and then cut a piece for Mr. Man...he declared it awesome!! And so it was. And I continued to smile all through the evening.

Once my family returns to me, I plan to bake more and experiment with herb breads, roasted garlic breads, roasted olive breads and gasp....can she do it...flat breads???

The point is, I faced my fear in the eyes, that day. I like doing some things the old school way and I did it all by hand, no machine. I used to have a vision of myself many years ago when we were all young and it was of me, living in a huge old house, baking bread and taking care of my friends. I don't know why I had that vision, I just did. Anyway, one of the hurdles was the lack of bread baking knowledge. The other hurdle was that we all grew up and are so scattered and nobody needs taking care of. I can bake bread for the family. The people I take care of.

And, like anything else I am doing or creating in the kitchen, I need music. Baking bread and The Grateful Dead just go hand in hand, in my book. Cosmic Charlie was playing during the kneading process. So, my maiden voyage into bread baking found me naming my bread, Cosmic Bread...

Who's That Girl?

Yesterday, I actually asked myself this very question. If any of my friends or family were to walk in my house, right this minute, I am sure they would feel my forehead and then cart me away as an imposter invading my body and home.

In my ever changing moods, I usually keep a very tidy and welcoming home. Right now, my ever changing moods doesn't even know me. I have veered left of center, I have fallen off a cliff, I am trying to swim in quicksand. In other words, my house is in a chaotic shambles.

Along with the house not looking normally pulled together, my sleep has taken a turn towards a girl I do not know, either. I am up until all hours reading books, watching mindlesss movies and tv. I sleep until after 9am. I cannot tell you the last time I slept that late in the morning. Even as a teen, I was an early riser. Then when I stumble out for coffee, I see the disarray of things in the house and I just keep walking...WHO AM I?

I ventured out for a hair appointment, yesterday, and on Saturday, I was away at a presidential retreat for my women's group, but other than that, my sofa has become my new oasis. I have books, blanket, netbook, tv remotes and dvd cases all where I need them on the sofa. I have a coaster in easy reach for my glass of vino. I can easily reach all that I need from my Sofa Office...Sofa Central. I have both my cordless phone and cell phone in easy proximity but if you don't make the screen of my calls, I'm not answering. This is my week of pick and choose. All me, all the time.

Mr. Man called me, this morning, to let me know about a special on tv for the 25th celebration of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or something like that. I told him of my new way of life and he laughed. I said, you know, I have not been totally alone for over 16 years since the cheerleader made her entrance. He replied that he knew and that is why he scheduled this time for me. I guess he also knew that my claims of the past couple of weeks of making this time a home project time were totally bogus. I meant well, but when will I ever be totally alone, again? A girl has to take advantage when she can.

Today, I am getting ready to dive into the newest book from one of my fav authors of all times. Actually, I have two authors that I have followed over the years. They are not everyone's cup of tea since most books and music that I like are not always the mainstream of what people like but I am so excited to read what this author has in store for me. It is a revisit of sorts to his firt book of the 1980s that I bought the minute it hit the bookstores, back then. I would STILL have my vintage copy had my mother not sold a whole bunch of my things at a yard sale without asking me...but, I guess she didn't know.

I am going to venture out, later, for a coffee date and then I will race home to Sofa Central. It is my last full day and evening of alone time. I need to enjoy before I jump back on the crazy train, tomorrow, and pull this place, together, go out and purchase yet more cheer camp items...seriously, cheer camp seems to need enough items for a month long camp. They will be gone 3 days. No wonder they are taking buses to camp. No way could all of this fit into a caravan of cars.

Anyway...Who's That Girl? is a valid question until this time, tomorrow. Then, I will reappear and by the time my lovelies walk through the door, tommorrow evening, they will never know that I was anyone else. The house will be clean and organized, candles lit, the sofa empty of my office, dinner will be cooking and they will think that I never vacated. They will never know that Summer Girl invaded Super Girl.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Sound Of Silence

My blogging and my house have been silent for a few days. I guess I have just needed the mental holiday, the brain vacation, the white noise to all take a family left me (with permission) and went on a mini vacation. All of a sudden, there are no teens eating all of the food, the ATM in the entry way has been silent, I haven't cooked a dinner in days, I am sleeping to my heart's content. Yes, right now I am alone and enjoying the much needed sounds of silence.

In my ever changing moods, I love my family beyond all that is possible. But, it's been a crazy, busy, emotional, stressed out year and last week was the week that both the cheerleader and I hit the brick wall. Mr. Man, knowing me better than I sometimes know myself, very wisely gave me this beautiful block of alone time. I love him for knowing me so well.

As a mom, I know that parenting an only must seem like a piece of cake to my pals who have multiples. In some ways, yes, yes it is. I only have to be in one place, at all times, for anything pertaining to the cheerleader. We are able to focus on just one kid, one drama, all at once. But, there are also challenges to raising a successful only child. In some ways, that is a huge challenge. I love the cheerleader with all of my heart and just this morning I was sitting with coffee and reflecting on the woman that she is becoming. She is made up of many pieces from Mr. Man, me, extended family members. And, these pieces, luckily, all seem to be the pieces that are the best of all of us. Combined, the pieces have made a powerhouse of a dynamo that makes me both proud and exhausts me, at the same time. So, a bit of a break, before we continue with the crazy summer and the even crazier upcoming senior year is greatly appreciated.

The cheerleader seems to possess all of Mr. Man's great traits! She bypassed the Mr. Man of high school and is not the wild child that he was. She has his self confidence, his business sense, his kind and gentle ways. She is a Type A and doesn't rest, much like he is. She is driven and focused and never gives up. Basically, she is all Mr. Man. I see some flashes of me, in her, but not a lot. She is much more sure of herself, more goal oriented, than I was in high school. But then she is well liked (I would like to think she gets this from has a lot of friends, is very involved and she knows her mind and herself. This, she did get from me. She already knows what she wants to study in college and she and Mr. Man are busy mapping this out. He has a few supporting ideas for her, too. She admires Mr. Man and listens to all that he suggests and adivses. She is more apt to ignore me. Even if I say the same exact things at Mr. Man, I am her mom and that makes anything I say or do, very lame.

She is the child who has never been still a day in her life. She has always been on the go and has always been a body in motion. The most frustrating time of her life was when she had to undergo back surgery and had a four month recovery period. She was ready to go back to school a week after that surgery. She was so angry that the doctor had other ideas. I have never witnessed anyone so brave and determined. When her four months were up and she was given the green light to remove her recovery brace, I found her in the front yard retraining herself in gymnastics. She is a force and you cannot stand in her way. She has had two major surgeries in her young life. You would never know it. And, to watch her cheer and do her gymnastics during basketball season would bring tears to your eyes if you knew her history.

She is a powerhouse that never slows down. While I commend her for that, it is also hard for her very Type A/B mother to keep up. I am more of a balance between Type A and Type B...I live with two extreme Type A people. So, things in our house are always on the go, never at rest and always highly energetic.

That is why, right now, this Type A/B mother is totally enjoying this short time of silence. That is why I took a few days off from blogging. I let my brain shut down along with the white noise that seems to surround me at times.

It is not often that I find myself totally alone. I am truly taking advantage of it because when they walk through the door, this week, it will be back to the non-stop commotion. But, in my ever changing moods, while the break is nice, I wouldn't have our everyday lives any other way but highly charged.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It's no secret that I live on Maggie's Farm somewhere between Farm Town and Get Me Out Of This Place. I love Maggie's Farm, I just don't always love rural living. Or, I might like rural living if there was at least one decent shoe store in the town. But, what's a girl to do? I travel for fashion and shoes and I get the added luxury of good, country living.

You also know that I am going through a transition of sorts with the cheerleader getting older and either rarely at home or when she is at home, it is with a gaggle of her gang and nobody talks to me, anyway, unless it is to ask for food, beverage or money. At that point, everyone is your best bud. Unless you haven't been to the grocery for the millionith time to restock or if you close the bank. Then you return to the loner. The lone woman of the house.

This summer is really weird because it's the first summer that the cheerleader can drive herself in her own car and my transportation service is no longer needed. She is too old to want to go to the city pool with me or hang out with me unless I pull out the said bank roll and fund her day with moola. She is a typical teen and typically doesn't think her mom is all that cool on a lot of days. That's okay. I know I am cool...and that's all that matters. Someday, she will realize this, too.

Anyway, in my ever changing moods, this summer, obviously, I have developed new interests to occupy my time. One of them has become gardening and then other is about to become baking bread. I should stop, here, and say that before you think I am a lonely shut-in, I do have a very busy and active life. It's just that my home life has changed so I am changing with it. This is where I have decided to take up new things to do.

Baking...I am not a baker. But, since one of my goals for stepping into this new chapter of life is overcoming a few things, baking may as well be my first hurdle. I don't mean cakes and sweets. I am not a lover of lots of cakes and sweets so cake baking is not high on my priority list. But, what I am is a lover of whole foods, raw foods, eating off the land, organic foods, local produce kind of foods. My family indulges me really well and secretly, I know that they love the way I have raised both of them on the healthier way of eating. Well, I know there are days when they want to lock me in a closet and have their way with sugar laden treats, processed foods and a pound of fudge. But, I continue to crack the whip. The funny thing is, this is how I have always eaten and cooked. So, this big new organic/whole food trend is good for people, but it's old hat for me. The cheerleader does sneak off to McDonald's with friends and then risks my lecture on what that stuff will do to her body, next...but, for the most part, my family is on board.

So, with my spare time, I have decided it's time to attempt bread breaking. Why do I keep buying it at the bakery when I could put my own fresh and whole ingredients into it? So, that is my upcoming summer project. Producing beautiful bread. With the help of my bread baking genius friend, C, I am ready to venture down that path.

My other new hobby? Gardening. I am quite excited at the progress of my gardening efforts, so far!! The first few times I tried to garden when we were new to Maggie's Farm were disasters. Moving from the city, I couldn't tell a weed from a plant. I didn't know soil content, how to work the soil, how to water, how to baby the plants. It was a frustrating couple of summers and then I gave up. Plus, living in the country, once your garden does start to prosper, the rabbits and deer see to it to seek and destroy. Soooooo...this year I am cheating and I am container gardening. I keep pretty planters all over my deck full of herbs, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, lettuce, radishes and carrots. They are all growing like hotcakes. Well, the latter 4 have yet to sprout but they will. I also have cantalope tucked into a hill and they are sprouting. I am making it all happen. My plants don't care if I am lame or if I give them money or try to undermine me at every turn. They are cooperating. And, they don't drive off in a car, every day, ready to tell their friends how totally uncool it is to have a summer budget...:)

Anyway, while there are things that I find incredibly stifling about living in the country, there are a lot of great things!!! If my veggies and fruit and breads all take off, I don't mind driving the 40 minutes to a real city for real fashion and real shoes.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rock and Roll High School

Well, we made it. We made it one more school year to the last day of the year. The cheerleader is taking the last of her exams and then is excused at 12:30pm to leave early on her last day as a junior at her high school. This means that as of that time, we will have a senior on our hands. As we waved her off to school, this morning, I immediately got a mixed bag of emotions that started to wash over me. Happy that she has arrived to this level, disbelief that we have arrived at this level and a general...where did the time go? Where. did. it. go????

In my ever changing moods, today I sit here both proud and confused. I know that it's not the official start to senior year but for some reason, I am highly emotional about it. I know it's not graduation year, but look how fast this past year went. Look at how fast high school has sped by. Next year will be here before I know it and I need to get myself in check. I cannot spend her entire senior year in a heap of emotional tears.

I know that I wasn't emotional when I left my high school on the last day of my junior year. I mean, we were all excited that we were to be the Senior Class of 1982 but no way were we all mushy about it. I know my mother wasn't. I don't think our parents got all senitmental about every milestone, back then. It was more like, oh, you're out for summer? Who cares if you are now a senior? Here is your list of chores, get a summer job and don't bug us.

I do remember walking out of school on our last day of junior year and piling into one of our pal's oversized family car. Or maybe it was her car. Back then, family cars and student cars pretty much looked the same. A lot of the cool guys had hot cars and some of the girls had cute little cars but for the most part, you drove what your parental units handed down to you or bought for you with a couple hundred dollars. Anyway, I just remember piling in, heading off to a day of sunshine, the park, our entire class hanging out while lounging on the grass of the park, drinking beverages that will just remain nameless. But, as I always stress, it was the early 80s and we were of age! I think. Or, wait, not yet in the end of our junior year. Oh well. It was all innocent fun.

I remember that feeling of walking out into the sunshine, that day. The summer stretched ahead with endless possibilities, there were parties to attend, swimming and sunning, working at the local mall, meeting up with pals every single night. We were young, the summer was long and we were entering the most exciting year of high school...Senior Year!!

So, while I am nostalgic, today, and excited for the cheerleader, I still sit and the summer before your senior year still as exciting as it was for us in 1981? And, if so....I think I should be very scared. Happy...proud...and planning to keep a watchful eye out for the girls of summer, aka, the cheerleader and her pals.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pinball Wizard

Well, that time has come that seems to roll around at each year when the school year is ending, exams are going on and everything else needs my attention, my time and my concern. Yes, it's the time of year where I feel like a pinball zinging around in the giant pinball machine that is my life.

In my ever changing moods, it seems like every year at this time, I go from my mellow, halfway organized state of mind to the frantic player in a fast paced game. End of the school year is my first hurdle. We are late getting out of school, this year, so I did get to relax for a bit when all of the other schools were running around crazy a few weeks ago. But now it's our turn. The odd exam schedule that has the cheerleader coming and going at different times. The summer sports schedule that is already starting with cheer camp, getting ready for cheer camp, end of the year forms and papers to be signed, a quick PE form so that the cheerleader can take a special PE class. She open enrolls to a school not in our district making her ineligible for either place to let her into a summer PE program. She has to take a private class through the PE instructor for a small fee. When did PE become such a huge ordeal?? I don't even think I participated in half of my lame PE classes in high school.

There is a sports physical to deal with, a trip to another county concerning her goat project, a bunch of things that I have going on for me and then of course the day to day things that are screaming for my attention. I think I just saw a dust bunny grab a carrot out of the fridge.

So, this morning, as I stood upstairs looking down at the rest of the house and seeing some still unplanted garden veggies that need to go in some soil, I started feeling that same old yearly sensation. The sensation where I walk the fine line between jumping in and just start plowing through until I can see the light at the end of the tunnel OR the sensation where I close my eyes, hand a duster to the world's oddest cat and hope for the best. Of course it will be me, SuperGirl, jumping in. I just need to take a deep breath and stop the manic pinball playing in my brain.

It will all get done, it always does. Everyone will be happy with clean clothing, good food, fresh towels and a tidy house. The veggies will get planted, my commitments will be met, the doctor appointments and goat obligations will all be met and then instead of playing Pinball, maybe I can just downshift to the more relaxing game of CandyLand...more my speed, anyway.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ramble On Rose

I don't usually write a Sunday blog post but today is different because it's a special Sunday! It's my mother-in-law's birthday and since she is such a special woman, I thought she deserved a special Sunday blog post all about her!

In my ever changing moods, I thank the stars, the moon and the sun, everyday for putting me with Mr. Man and his family. His mother, L, is a gem and she shines and smiles and sings and makes each day just a bit brighter to all who are lucky enough to know her and to be a part of her life. If there was a person that was chosen to have the sun smiling on them, it would be, L.

I could go on and on about the kind of mother she is, the kind of wife she is or the kind of awesome grandmother she is to the cheerleader. But, since this is my blog about my rambling thoughts, I just want to talk about how her life has touched has woven with my life and how I am better because of it.

We have had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs and a lot of memories over the years. I first met her when I went to dinner with her, Mr. Man and Senior Mr. Man when Mr. Man and I were newly dating. That was in 1985. We have had a lot of time to build these memories. To this day, all we have to say are a few keywords that mean something, only to the two of us, and we break down into hysterical laughter.

Favorite Memories and Hilarious Moments

*Shake and Bake hair.(Unfortunate incident in a Reno hotel ballroom bathroom showing me her new haircut and how she could shake her head and it all fell into place. Unfortunately, her earrings took flight and women were flying for cover.)

*Stick Leg Dog Mud. (Neither of us can recall why this is so funny or how we came up with it, one night. We both love the vino, just

*Flood You Big River (mistakenly being shouted F-you Big River) A Grateful Dead song..L loves the Dead and she loves Dark Star Orchestra. She shouted this to me during a concert.

*Mistakenly breaking and entering into a house that we thought was on an Open House tour. Whoops...why is breakfast on the table??

*Madame Mozart (fortune teller to the tween set...a bit too much vino...heels stuck in steps of deck)

*Serving sticks of thyme to Senior Mr. Man...(we had just become fans of Martha back in the 90s. We grew herbs and didn't know to strip the thyme. Senior Mr. Man had a choking fit. He cursed the herbs and it was a long time before she was allowed to grow herbs, again.)

*She took me to lunch at our fav french restaurant for one of my birthdays. Too much french champagne meant that we had to sit at the restaurant an extra long time.

*We were banned from our bridge group.

*Covert operations a.k.a. The Big Sting

*Ice skating after too much hot buttered rum. Not a great idea the next day when you wonder where all of the bruises came from.

*Being removed from the beginner ski group and moved to the advanced group. We were very proud of ourselves. We crashed and burned but our instructor told us we had good form!

*Stairway surfing (top secret stuff)

*Running in heels. (James Taylor/Carole King...wrong drop off point for limo..running to get to the entrance. Four inch heels can put a damper on the run)

These are just a few highlights of the fun we have shared over the years. She loves life, she's a dulcimer strumming/keyboard playing/musical genius. She sings, she dances, she kayaks, she backpacks, she decorates her kayak with Dead stickers and Ramblin' Rose is her backpacking name.

She is one in a million and someone that I know I can go through life with in fits of laughter and tears of joy and sorrow. We can raise our glasses of wine and we can clutch mugs of coffee and always find something to talk and laugh about.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful L!!! You mean the world to me!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

It's a rainy and dreary Saturday at Maggie's Farm and I think it calls for a backdrop of music from The Smiths. I spent quite a few years in the 1980s obsessing over their music. For some, it's depressing, for others, they are great musical artists. I loved them. They also remind me of packing up and moving to California. They just have such a soulful sound to them.

Last night, I couldn't sleep. At 2:00am I was still awake. I flipped on an old movie from the late 1990's. Never Been Kissed. I forgot how cute I think this movie is and how great the soundtrack is to the movie. This Smiths song played during a dance scene and reminded me of how beautiful the song is.

So, for my Suggestion Saturday, if it's rainy where you are, I think this movie is playing on rotation all weekend. Curl up, watch a cute, shallow and sappy love story and get lost in the music.

As always, my Suggestion Saturdays are all my own thoughts in my ever changing moods.

While you are enjoying the music, let me know how you like the new blog house.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Our House

In the next few days, you may see some changes and work going on while I play around with my Blog House. I am in the mood for a change in looks so be patient with me while I try to pave my way into a new look. When I am done, I hope it will look even better!!

Our house it has a crowd
There's always something happening
And it's usually quite loud
Our mum she's so house-proud
Nothing ever slows her down
And a mess is not allowed

So, my ever changing moods will get to work to provide you with an even better house to accomodate the party!!

My Old School

Today begins a string of days for end of the year exams for the cheerleader. This is always a happy time on the homefront because she becomes an instant stress case while studying. She also had a Chemistry project, English project and an Art project to hand in along with the final exams in each of those classes. Now, the cheerleader could eliminate some of this stress if she would only pace herself over the course of the weeks leading up to exam/project time. Like, um, I don't know, say all of the evenings spent meandering with friends or watching television or all of the other time consuming things that take up a teen's life. But, she is not of that mindset so she goes into an all encompassing stress fest.

On top of exams, she also will be taking the college ACT test, again, at 8am, tomorrow morning. She did fine on the first round of the test but she needs to now include the writing portion of it and I think, I really think, a couple of points higher on the overall score couldn't hurt, either. But what do I know? According to her, high school is different from when I was there in the 1950s. Um, okay. I wouldn't know about that since I went to high school in the 1970s/early 80s. How old does she think I am??

In my ever changing moods, I can look back at my high school days and guess what? I can totally relate. But, shhhhhhhhhh....I don't want to blow my cover with her. I remember being given projects weeks and weeks in advance. I remember seeing a lot of my classmates get right down to business on these projects. I figured, hey, I've got 4 weeks. There was a lot of fun to get to in 4 weeks. Even if I told myself, hey, I am going to do something different, this time, and start the project, ASAP, it never happened. Books, supplies, poster boards would move from the desk in my room, to on top of my dresser, to on top of my stereo, to under my bed??? I knew in the back of my mind that it was there waiting on my attention but hey, I had plenty of time. Until the weekend before the project was due or I needed to type a paper or study for an exam. Then, it all came crashing to a hault. It was stress, stress, stress. Scissors flying, glue, materials, research, typing (on a typewriter) with White-Out flying over mistakes. Frantic phone calls to best friend. Tears over a lost bibliography or outline. Lots of yelling at my mother. Because what is project stress without a teen yelling at their mother?

And, on Monday morning, I would pull it all out of my hat. I would enter school, hand in project and get a pretty decent grade. I may have not slept, looked like a fright, and been snarly to my peers but I always completed the projects. Back then, I cannot remember teachers talking about time management skills or organization or working ahead. I just don't think they really pushed those concepts. Or maybe they did and I was in the restroom checking my lipgloss. I have no idea.

But...what I am trying to pass on to the cheerleader and have tried since early elementary grades, is to be organized and not wait until the last minute so she can avoid the whole frazzled stage of the project. But, she is her mother's daughter and if there is one thing she takes from me, it is this. She also always pulls it off and does quite well. I just didn't want her to follow in the footsteps of a woman who goes ninety miles a minute, at the very last minute, just to get something done.

Anyway, all of her cramming and stressing in preparation for the exams that will end her junior year, suddenly transported me back in time to my old school and my old habits. I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here It Goes, Again

Actually, it is the first time I have been through this but since this song title is of the treadmill song, I thought it was fitting.

In my ever changing moods, I had to have my first ever stress test this week. Yes, cue the walker, hand me my cane, call me great grandmother. After all of my talk about kicking the mid 40s in the arse, take life and live it, I found myself having these tests done.

A few weeks ago, I had a few issues that concerned Mr. Man enough to order me to go see my doctor. She seemed sort of concerned and orderd rounds of bloodwork, ekg, stress test. Nothing says glam like being pricked by needles, glued with patches for the ekg and hooked up to monitors and an IV for the treadmill. While on the treadmill, I was having flashes of suddenly looking in the mirror and having my grandmother's face that I remember staring back at me. That wouldn't be a bad thing if I were 86 years old.

Anyway...luckily, all of the hoopla and worry were for nothing. Well, I do still have a tiny issue that will either resolve itself or I have to go for another fun test of needles...woohoo...because who doesn't look forward to that??? All bloodwork and heart pics and stress test showed me what I already knew...I am healthy, strong and still ready to continue to take on the world!!

I only wish I wouldn't have been so hooked up to machines while I was on my stress test treadmill so I could have shown off my smooth moves like these guys!! Life is a big dance, why not dance on a treadmill, too??

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rock and Roll

Today is an extremely dreary, dark and rainy day. No outside work can be done. I have plenty of inside work that could use my attention but the darker it gets, outside, the more my housework attention span takes a dive. I don't want to waste a complete morning due to lack of motivation so the best remedy to get me moving is to crank up the tunes and get down to business.

My favorite thing to say, in my ever changing moods, is...Let's rock and roll. I use this to get myself motivated, to get the cheerleader motivated and well, Mr. Man needs no motivation because he is motivated 24/7 and puts me to shame. I think he stays motivated in his sleep. I could easily sink into the sofa with a good book, today, but then I think of him and his high motivational life and it makes me feel like a slug. So, I get busy. I get my groove on. I rock and roll.

Led Zeppelin is just an all time rockin' band that makes you want to stand up and dance and sing. I crank them up, a lot. Hot guys cranking out hot music. What more motivation do you need? Today, they are my inspiration to kick it into high gear and get a few pesky and mundane jobs out of the way.

I would love to know what all of you like to listen to when you need to get your groove on and motivated?? I am always looking for more and more songs to rock out with housecleaning. Because, to me, housework is the MOST boring of all jobs and it's nice to get a kick in the pants from something!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Riki Don't Lose That Number

Actually, today, I often wondered if the cheerleader could at least just forget my number for 10 seconds. I love the girl but just let me have to call her and I get the ever annoying voicemail. A text she will return but an actual call?? Seriously?? How 2002 to actually answer a cell phone.

The tables turn, though, when it's me she is trying to reach. And, I have to say, today's multi-pack of calls, really didn't need to reach me at all. In my ever changing moods, I have learned to be weary of the actual phone call instead of the text from the cheerleader.

Today has been a busy day that also included a trip to the doctor for me and my lovely, very pretty poison ivy. I don't do poison ivy well, at all. In fact, my doctor informed me that I have become one of those people that just has to be in the vicinity of poison ivy and inhale to get a full blown case of it. For 10 summers of living on Maggie's Farm, I have managed to contract poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac each and every year. In the beginning, I tried to keep it at bay, tried to treat it with all of the over counter medications, creams and potions. Finally, a couple of summers ago I gave up. I looked like a mental patient walking around in long sleeves and long pants on a 90 degree day covered in shiny cream, blotches on my face and itching. I just don't even wait, now. So, today found me with a shot and medication to bring home. I then had to begin mowing and the cottonwood that is my nemesis was blowing and blew in my eye and that is my biggest allergy foe. I don't even get allergies except during cottonwood season.

So, I jumped off the tractor, was searching for allergy medication. Anything, please, let there be at least one Benadryll left. I could down it with a large glass of caffeine and keep myself awake while mowing. This is when the phone calls started on my cell.

Cheerleader.....Um, I'm going to H's house to play with the goats.
Cheerleader...then we are going to go get chinese to eat. I don't have any money but you can just pay back the person I will borrow it from.

Next call...
Cheerleader...I have money in my car.
Me...Cool. I am trying to mow the grass. Is that all you wanted?
Cheerleader...yes MOM!! Why are you being so negative?
Me...silence...hang up.

Next call..
Cheerleader...why didn't you text me about the pic I sent you?
Me...I just came in to splash cold water in my now totally swollen eye and didn't see you sent me one. Oh, cute...goat pics.
Cheerleader...aren't they adorable?
Me...yes...I am now returning to the yard.
Cheerleader...hangs up on me.

Next call...
Cheerleader...overly sweet voice (this is the voice that is too sweet and usually means she wants money or something else.) you need something? I just came in for a tissue and it's going to rain...what do you need?, before I leave for Florida, can you take me shopping for some really cute and inexpensive dresses? (FYI..she just went on a major shopping spree. And, she doesn't know the meaning of inexpensive.)
Me...heavy sigh...can we talk about this when I am NOT mowing? her mom is in a mood...hangs up.

Last call..
Cheerleader...(sweet voice/evasive mumbling) Um, we're bored and like have no place else to go until I have to leave for the next town, over. Can everyone just come to our house and hang out?
Me...heavy sigh.
Cheerleader...we will stay up in my room if you want.
Me...that would be great because the house is clean, I have been working, all day, and I want to shower and not have to clean up after all of you.

When I walk out of my room from said shower, nobody is in her room. They are all lounged and slumped over my kitchen table. Everyone is staring at me. Some are on the computer exclaiming over another friend's desire to go from blonde hair to brown hair. That little bit of shocking news hit them much like the world was about to explode. More looking at me...drinking all newly stocked beverages. I was making all kinds of attempts at conversation but today must have been lethargic day in their world.

I gave up, escaped to the laundry room, they all decided to scram and work on Chem projects and I silently did a happy dance and thought maybe, just maybe one time, she could lose my number if it wasn't something of earth shattering proportions.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday Night

For the past week, I have been on hiatus from all things internet except my blogging. I did get busy on Saturday and had to let my Suggestion Saturday slip by so I thought I would do it, now, and do a quick recap of my Saturday, all in one.

First of my fav movies of all times that I watch over and over and over is this fun flick with Mike Myers. It's early 90's at it's best and it comes with a killer soundtrack. If you need something light and funny and just slightly dark, watch this movie! His Scottish parents make me laugh until I cry...

Saturday found me going out with Mr. Man and two of my best girlfriends. It seems to get harder and harder to find time for all of us to connect but we did and we saw one of our fav blues bands that totally rocked a private showing. We danced, we drank cocktails, we laughed, we talked, we searched for limes for the elusive vodka/club soda that was served sans limes, at all times. It was a great night!!

We totally made the scene!!

And, since it was Saturday, I just had to play the most classic Saturday night song as my backdrop. This is not the original but it is featured in the movie and I like the remake.

Hotel California

Over the weekend, I started to notice a trend happening at Maggie's Farm. Over the course of the past year, our house has become a hotel. A bed and breakfast to the teen set. The cheerleader and her pals have permanent reservations, it seems. And, when they are not using Maggie's Farm Hotel, the cheerleader seems to think that when she is at home all alone with no friends, it is still a hotel. Her own personal hotel with a great staff and great gourment chef. A laundry service that places fluffy towels in her bathroom, a wake up service, maid service and valet parking that pulls her car up to the top of the drive when she is ready to make her exit. A never ending snack bar/stocked mini fridge. Mr. Man and I are running quite a, how to charge all of these teens for reservations. Insert evil laugh.

In my ever changing moods, I would like to check into Maggie's Farm Hotel as a guest! What a life that would be! Enjoy all of the comforts with none of the pesky work involved. What a concept! I want to make my reservations in advance because I don't want to risk the place being sold out or overrun with teens.

I love the cheerleader. She is definitely a HUGE bright spot in life. Yesterday, though, found me ready to find a cattle prod to nudge her out of her Eloise existence and into real life. There was much work to be done around here and poor Eloise was tired from her weekend of pool parties, truck shows, cookouts, shopping and eating out and overnights with friends. Friday night found them all running out to a pool party while, moi, aka Cinderella was slumped on the front porch staining her life away. They were all able to jump over me, miss the staining in progress and promised to be home at curfew. Okay....good bye queens of the manor. The good mom in me stays up until said curfew is reached. I was cuddled on the sofa where I can see the front door, had my netbook, had my latest book I am reading and was watching taped shows from Bravo. At 11pm, I began getting texts that plans had changed and they were switching hotels and staying elsewhere. Could I set packed bags out on the front porch so the royal queens did not disturb the innkeeper. Um, let me see...NO. They had to race in, talk to me, pack bags and then go.

Saturday was quiet since they all were out and about and did not need reservations at Maggie's Farm for the night. Cinderella was allowed to take her magic pumpkin and handsome prince and beautiful girlfriends out for a night of music, fun, laughter and dancing. During the evening, Mr. Man, aka the handsome prince received a phone call from Eloise asking if we were having fun and checking on us. How nice...but really, she just wanted to tell us that she bought sea monkeys to raise with the leftover food money she extracted from the hotel's ATM, er, my wallet. COOL!! In addition to caretaking the odd cat, goldfish and goat, we get sea monkeys!!

Sunday found the return of Eloise to Maggie's Farm Hotel. She was tired and promptly fell asleep for 3 hours. We decided to wake her so we could have a small amount of family time. We all took a ride in one of the handsome prince's cars and when we got home, he wanted to wash the car before he put it away. I had dinner to start and Eloise was hiding behind a magazine on our big, comfy bed. Until I got the cattle prod out and the bullhorn and loudly suggested she take a hike down to help her father with his car....PRONTO. Loud sighs and the evasive mumbling that she does so well was in full swing and something about trying to rest up for the last full week of school. BAAAAHHHHAAAAHHHHAAAAAA...all I could do was turn into an evil stepsister and continue my laughter.

She was finished with the job, went up to her suite, er, room and phoned down about dinner. I think she was hinting about room service but the handsome prince hiked upstairs to haul Eloise down, we had a nice family dinner and then Eloise hit the hay in deep slumber knowing that everything was okay in her world at Maggie's Farm Hotel.

I wonder how many stars my hotel would rate?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday I'm In Love

Friday is here!! Usually that ushers in a sense of peace and relaxation. Not this weekend. Today finds me playing catch up with all things that were put on the back burner while I was away, yesterday. I also have more grad parties, plans for Saturday night and the continuing of my Summer 2010 Project List.

In my ever changing moods, I remember being a lot younger and Friday meant that it was just a few short hours until the magic of Friday nights!! Friday nights used to be the most fun for going out, in my opinion. They were more fun than Saturday nights for some reason. Maybe because Friday was the initial decompressing from the week and with the hint of anything being possible that hung in the Friday night air made it more exciting. Now, Friday nights usually are the nights I look forward to, at home, with Mr. Man, and Saturday nights are now my exciting nights out with him and with friends.

I think my mind is stuck on Friday nights after the college visit with the cheerleader, yesterday. Being on a campus always transports my mind back to my college life in the ole dark ages, er, the early 1980s. Actually, during our individual tour, yesterday, the girl who was our tour guide made ME want to register as a freshman all over again!! She was a cute and excited girl who was in love with her college. So, as she and the cheerleader walked and talked, in front of me, I was trying not to let my mouth hang open at all of the new offerings of campus life that we did not have in 1982. First up....dorm living. I mean, dorm room decor and living is now one big business!! No more showing up on freshman moving in day with a collection of plastic milk crates, rock star posters and a tiny tv and stereo. You actually plan your room decor and there is every service, online, to help you do that. Hey, one company even advertised delivering your entire decorating theme right to your room....amazing!

State of the art recreation buildings. I mean, if exam stress is getting you down, sign up for a message therapy session!! If you want to work out, you have about 50 million ways to do so in the three tiered recreation building. In need of java, no fear, there are 5 coffee houses on campus. There are kitchens on dorm floors, every type of eating establishment on campus, sorority houses that are mansions and construction is being done for more sorority/fraternity mansions so that it can be a Greek village. Wow...gone are the days of falling down frat houses that hosted some of the best parties while the house shook and almost fell to the ground.

There is also a required course that all freshman have to take...get's a course on...How To Be A Freshman and Surviving The First Year. In 1982, your parents got out of the car long enough to deposit you, your milk crates, clothing and a small wad of cash and a quick...Good luck, don't call collect and don't come home til Thanksgiving. The next sound you heard were tires screeching as they made their way out of campus. Ok....nobody told us how to be freshmen. We actually solved the big freshman mystery all by ourselves.

Some things don't change, though. Like very teen that has come before the cheerleader, she thinks she knows college stuff. The stuff that I ask questions about and lecture her about are...LAME...with a capital L. So, all in all, maybe it is a good thing to have that handy freshman tutorial class.

All in all, the day was good. We had 6 hours, round trip, in the car to have both fun conversations and heated arguments. The Department of Arts is where she will be studying if this is where she chooses to go and is accepted. Their fashion program is renowned. I am sending her back, in the fall, to shadow the department for a day. Lame idea, in her mind, I am sure. But, like I told her, her new job is now working towards becoming good freshman material. My job is to continue to kick her booty, just like I have for the past years. A mother's job is never done...this sentiment now rings true even more so now, in my mind.

So, yes, being back on a campus, brought back so many fond memories of my own college life. Friday afternoons would find us all racing back to dorm rooms to shower and change and walk the steep hills down to our college town. Happy hours started at 4pm and you didn't want to be late. I will keep this nugget of information tucked away in my own private memory bank. Some things just don't need to be shared with the cheerleader. But, these memories of Friday nights have always made me love the idea of Friday and all of the possibilities that await you for the weekend.

Enjoy your Friday!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crazy Train

I have boarded the fast and crazy train of summer life...full speed ahead, don't look down, pedal to the metal kind of crazy.

I have taken a leave of my Facebook and online board for a short sabbatical, even. Maggie's Farm and life have officially taken control of me.

During the winter, not much goes on except bitter cold, ice and snow. So, the extent of the work on Maggie's Farm is the shovelling of a path to the cars and lots of drinking of wine, lots of cursing the weather and the occassional planning of tropical vacations.

Once spring hits, it's a whole other ballgame. Memorial Day weekend was spent with Mr. Man working from sun up to sun down in the yard. This week, I have been busy planting all of my organic and heairloom veggies. I nixed the idea of me constructing raised gardens. I had nobody to help me, during the day, with the hammering and measuring of the wood and Mr. Man looked panic stricken on where I would place them. I think the panic came from me describing how I wanted to paint them. So, instead, I got really pretty containers and have tons of things planted. We will see how it all goes. I also have planted flowers, purchased all of my monster hanging ferns and started on the general upkeep of summer. Not to mention the ever-mother-loving stain project!!! On the upside, nothing builds a tan like working outside all the live long day.

Plus, summer weather has started and the teens all think it's summer break but for our school, summer break is still a few weeks away. This is very unusual for us and the kids have lost all interest in school since Memorial Day has passed and they have not yet even approached exams. Thankfully, some of the teachers taught on the fast track, this year, and have issued exams and all work is completed. They anticipated the summer teen brain, I think. The cheerleader and her gang of 5 seem to revolve around all houses that have pools. I sense that will be the theme of the summer. Find a house with a teen and a pool and move in for the swim.

And, the crazy train would not be complete without a college stop. That would be us, today. We are heading out, in the pouring rain and tornado watches to Kent State University. I know, cue the stereo..."Four Dead in Ohio...lalalala" The cheerleader is excited to tour their school of fashion. I am wondering if they have row boats to get around campus because the rain continues to pour.

I have been working on my summer reading list. I have compiled quite a few titles for summer reading. I love working my way through a stack of books in the summer. I used to read poolside when the cheerleader was younger and we went to the city pool every single day of summer. Now, I take a glass of wine out to the porch and sit in my swing and read in the evenings. I have planned a June menu of yummy summer foods and have planned all of the concerts that Mr. Man and I are going to attend.

It is also time to get busy with goats. June begins the time of training and walking and grooming and lice powdering....yes, glam, I know, but what goat wants lice? And, it will be shearing time and hoof trimming time. Again, our goats like to be well groomed with pretty hooves.

So, I am getting ready to jump on the train, again, today. Once the initial summer prep is out of the way, I will be able to jump off the train and hopefully into a cocktail.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You Can Close Your Eyes

I am still closing my eyes and recalling fond moments of the James Taylor/Carole King concert, on Sunday evening.

In my ever changing moods, I have been to a great many concerts in the past, gasp, 30 years. All kinds of music and all kinds of performers. This concert definitely takes top billing in my mind. I was sooooo excited and a litle nervous that my personal hype and stalking of their lives through books and music would not be quite as I had hoped. I shouldn't have worried...I began the concert with tears in my eyes and I ended the concert with tears in my eyes. From the opening notes of Blossom to the ending duet of, You Can Close Your Eyes, it was an evening of sheer magic.

I am not a music critic and I am not going to give you a play by play of the entire show. You know me well enough, by now, to know that I only write about the rambling thoughts in my head. And, right now, my head is still full of the magic that was created by two such wonderful pieces of music history. Music royalty. You don't see that these days, in my opinion. I don't mean that there are not good entertainers. It's just that it is so rare to find the singer/songwriter/musician package. A package so steeped in history and friendship and a mutual respect for each other's music. You can tell that they share bonds dating back to the early 1970s. They have both weathered many rocky roads but in that ending duet of the evening, you felt those years only added to their rich history.

Take my advice and if you are lucky enough to live in a city on their tour schedule, get tickets. This kind of tour doesn't happen very often. If you came of age listening to them, it's a perfect way to spend three hours with the voices of your youth. If you are younger and not familiar with their music, go and listen. You will thank me for beggin you to go.

So, back to reality I go but now I have a richer soundtrack playing in my mind...