Monday, June 14, 2010

Pinball Wizard

Well, that time has come that seems to roll around at each year when the school year is ending, exams are going on and everything else needs my attention, my time and my concern. Yes, it's the time of year where I feel like a pinball zinging around in the giant pinball machine that is my life.

In my ever changing moods, it seems like every year at this time, I go from my mellow, halfway organized state of mind to the frantic player in a fast paced game. End of the school year is my first hurdle. We are late getting out of school, this year, so I did get to relax for a bit when all of the other schools were running around crazy a few weeks ago. But now it's our turn. The odd exam schedule that has the cheerleader coming and going at different times. The summer sports schedule that is already starting with cheer camp, getting ready for cheer camp, end of the year forms and papers to be signed, a quick PE form so that the cheerleader can take a special PE class. She open enrolls to a school not in our district making her ineligible for either place to let her into a summer PE program. She has to take a private class through the PE instructor for a small fee. When did PE become such a huge ordeal?? I don't even think I participated in half of my lame PE classes in high school.

There is a sports physical to deal with, a trip to another county concerning her goat project, a bunch of things that I have going on for me and then of course the day to day things that are screaming for my attention. I think I just saw a dust bunny grab a carrot out of the fridge.

So, this morning, as I stood upstairs looking down at the rest of the house and seeing some still unplanted garden veggies that need to go in some soil, I started feeling that same old yearly sensation. The sensation where I walk the fine line between jumping in and just start plowing through until I can see the light at the end of the tunnel OR the sensation where I close my eyes, hand a duster to the world's oddest cat and hope for the best. Of course it will be me, SuperGirl, jumping in. I just need to take a deep breath and stop the manic pinball playing in my brain.

It will all get done, it always does. Everyone will be happy with clean clothing, good food, fresh towels and a tidy house. The veggies will get planted, my commitments will be met, the doctor appointments and goat obligations will all be met and then instead of playing Pinball, maybe I can just downshift to the more relaxing game of CandyLand...more my speed, anyway.

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