Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who's That Girl?

Yesterday, I actually asked myself this very question. If any of my friends or family were to walk in my house, right this minute, I am sure they would feel my forehead and then cart me away as an imposter invading my body and home.

In my ever changing moods, I usually keep a very tidy and welcoming home. Right now, my ever changing moods doesn't even know me. I have veered left of center, I have fallen off a cliff, I am trying to swim in quicksand. In other words, my house is in a chaotic shambles.

Along with the house not looking normally pulled together, my sleep has taken a turn towards a girl I do not know, either. I am up until all hours reading books, watching mindlesss movies and tv. I sleep until after 9am. I cannot tell you the last time I slept that late in the morning. Even as a teen, I was an early riser. Then when I stumble out for coffee, I see the disarray of things in the house and I just keep walking...WHO AM I?

I ventured out for a hair appointment, yesterday, and on Saturday, I was away at a presidential retreat for my women's group, but other than that, my sofa has become my new oasis. I have books, blanket, netbook, tv remotes and dvd cases all where I need them on the sofa. I have a coaster in easy reach for my glass of vino. I can easily reach all that I need from my Sofa Office...Sofa Central. I have both my cordless phone and cell phone in easy proximity but if you don't make the screen of my calls, I'm not answering. This is my week of pick and choose. All me, all the time.

Mr. Man called me, this morning, to let me know about a special on tv for the 25th celebration of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or something like that. I told him of my new way of life and he laughed. I said, you know, I have not been totally alone for over 16 years since the cheerleader made her entrance. He replied that he knew and that is why he scheduled this time for me. I guess he also knew that my claims of the past couple of weeks of making this time a home project time were totally bogus. I meant well, but when will I ever be totally alone, again? A girl has to take advantage when she can.

Today, I am getting ready to dive into the newest book from one of my fav authors of all times. Actually, I have two authors that I have followed over the years. They are not everyone's cup of tea since most books and music that I like are not always the mainstream of what people like but I am so excited to read what this author has in store for me. It is a revisit of sorts to his firt book of the 1980s that I bought the minute it hit the bookstores, back then. I would STILL have my vintage copy had my mother not sold a whole bunch of my things at a yard sale without asking me...but, I guess she didn't know.

I am going to venture out, later, for a coffee date and then I will race home to Sofa Central. It is my last full day and evening of alone time. I need to enjoy before I jump back on the crazy train, tomorrow, and pull this place, together, go out and purchase yet more cheer camp items...seriously, cheer camp seems to need enough items for a month long camp. They will be gone 3 days. No wonder they are taking buses to camp. No way could all of this fit into a caravan of cars.

Anyway...Who's That Girl? is a valid question until this time, tomorrow. Then, I will reappear and by the time my lovelies walk through the door, tommorrow evening, they will never know that I was anyone else. The house will be clean and organized, candles lit, the sofa empty of my office, dinner will be cooking and they will think that I never vacated. They will never know that Summer Girl invaded Super Girl.

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