Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rock and Roll

Today is an extremely dreary, dark and rainy day. No outside work can be done. I have plenty of inside work that could use my attention but the darker it gets, outside, the more my housework attention span takes a dive. I don't want to waste a complete morning due to lack of motivation so the best remedy to get me moving is to crank up the tunes and get down to business.

My favorite thing to say, in my ever changing moods, is...Let's rock and roll. I use this to get myself motivated, to get the cheerleader motivated and well, Mr. Man needs no motivation because he is motivated 24/7 and puts me to shame. I think he stays motivated in his sleep. I could easily sink into the sofa with a good book, today, but then I think of him and his high motivational life and it makes me feel like a slug. So, I get busy. I get my groove on. I rock and roll.

Led Zeppelin is just an all time rockin' band that makes you want to stand up and dance and sing. I crank them up, a lot. Hot guys cranking out hot music. What more motivation do you need? Today, they are my inspiration to kick it into high gear and get a few pesky and mundane jobs out of the way.

I would love to know what all of you like to listen to when you need to get your groove on and motivated?? I am always looking for more and more songs to rock out with housecleaning. Because, to me, housework is the MOST boring of all jobs and it's nice to get a kick in the pants from something!

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Dawn said...

I have these cds with 70s music era called Singers and Songwriters. LOVE them! I either listen to them, my pretend boyfriend, or 80s music. However, I love Zeppelin!