Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here It Goes, Again

Actually, it is the first time I have been through this but since this song title is of the treadmill song, I thought it was fitting.

In my ever changing moods, I had to have my first ever stress test this week. Yes, cue the walker, hand me my cane, call me great grandmother. After all of my talk about kicking the mid 40s in the arse, take life and live it, I found myself having these tests done.

A few weeks ago, I had a few issues that concerned Mr. Man enough to order me to go see my doctor. She seemed sort of concerned and orderd rounds of bloodwork, ekg, stress test. Nothing says glam like being pricked by needles, glued with patches for the ekg and hooked up to monitors and an IV for the treadmill. While on the treadmill, I was having flashes of suddenly looking in the mirror and having my grandmother's face that I remember staring back at me. That wouldn't be a bad thing if I were 86 years old.

Anyway...luckily, all of the hoopla and worry were for nothing. Well, I do still have a tiny issue that will either resolve itself or I have to go for another fun test of needles...woohoo...because who doesn't look forward to that??? All bloodwork and heart pics and stress test showed me what I already knew...I am healthy, strong and still ready to continue to take on the world!!

I only wish I wouldn't have been so hooked up to machines while I was on my stress test treadmill so I could have shown off my smooth moves like these guys!! Life is a big dance, why not dance on a treadmill, too??

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