Friday, June 25, 2010

The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion

There is something that Mr. Man and I are totally devoted to and that is continuing our love of the Grateful Dead and Grateful Dead shows through the different outlets that are still going strong. Throughout each year, we try to see as many Dark Star Orchestra shows, Ratdog shows, Furthur shows that we can. Our love of the Dead has never faded so why not continue to see the bands that still spread the music and the love? I love the chance to put on a twirly skirt, wrap myself in love beads and dance the night away.

In my ever changing moods, I am forever happy that I fell into the love vibe that was/is the Grateful Dead. The shows, the music, the people, the fun, the magic. We were young when our love for them started and like many Deadheads, we carry out love into adulthood.

Now that summer is in full swing, it means that our concert viewing is in full swing and it means that the Furthur tour and Dark Star shows are coming up in a matter of weeks. It's tradition for us to see Dark Star when they perform, locally, under the stars, each summer. It's four hours of total Dead recreations of shows. From the sound of drums in the air to the scent of patchouli wafting in the air, to the kaleidoscope of wardrobe colors, the gentleness and ease of strangers and the dancing...there must be dancing. My heart starts beating faster and faster as we make our way through the crowds at the shows. I cannot go to a Grateful Dead Show and now these other shows and not have a grand time!

The cheerleader was even at her first Grateful Dead show when we first found out I was pregnant. It was a show at The Omni in Atlanta. She danced to the sounds of Jerry and didn't even know it. Of course, that was a very different way to see the Dead, that time. No wine for me, I was ready to take a nap during the drum solo, I was fanning smoke away from me, the scent of patchouli was making my head hurt and I wasn't so dance-dance-dance since I was sort of feeling sick-sick-sick. But, she was there, with us, the three of us swaying to the music.

When she was born and would have cranky days or nights, the music that would soothe her would be the sounds of The Grateful Dead. As soon as we would play Ramble On Rose, Brown Eyed Women or Brokedown Palace, she would calm right down. She was a Jerry Garcia child and was soothed by his voice. (I don't mean that literally she was a child of Jerry Garcia. In spirit, in spirit...)

Her nursery theme was of Sugar Magnolia and had the words, Sunshine Daydream sprawled across her walls. Her nursery ceiling was an ode to Scarlet Begonias and in her world, her sky was yellow and her sun was blue...all painted with love, by me. She drifted off to dream land while listening to the bluegrass music of Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. She knows the music of The Grateful Dead but she doesn't want to admit that she embraces it. Yet. Right now, she remains appalled that her parents throw on tie-dye and twirly skirts and do our thing. (Mr. Man does not throw on the twirly skirt..)

Anyway, we are a family built on the foundation of peace, love and happiness and what better way to honor that? Going to these shows is a tradition for Mr. Man and me...we remain deadicated, er, dedicated to our devotion.

Get on the bus!!

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