Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crazy Train

I have boarded the fast and crazy train of summer life...full speed ahead, don't look down, pedal to the metal kind of crazy.

I have taken a leave of my Facebook and online board for a short sabbatical, even. Maggie's Farm and life have officially taken control of me.

During the winter, not much goes on except bitter cold, ice and snow. So, the extent of the work on Maggie's Farm is the shovelling of a path to the cars and lots of drinking of wine, lots of cursing the weather and the occassional planning of tropical vacations.

Once spring hits, it's a whole other ballgame. Memorial Day weekend was spent with Mr. Man working from sun up to sun down in the yard. This week, I have been busy planting all of my organic and heairloom veggies. I nixed the idea of me constructing raised gardens. I had nobody to help me, during the day, with the hammering and measuring of the wood and Mr. Man looked panic stricken on where I would place them. I think the panic came from me describing how I wanted to paint them. So, instead, I got really pretty containers and have tons of things planted. We will see how it all goes. I also have planted flowers, purchased all of my monster hanging ferns and started on the general upkeep of summer. Not to mention the ever-mother-loving stain project!!! On the upside, nothing builds a tan like working outside all the live long day.

Plus, summer weather has started and the teens all think it's summer break but for our school, summer break is still a few weeks away. This is very unusual for us and the kids have lost all interest in school since Memorial Day has passed and they have not yet even approached exams. Thankfully, some of the teachers taught on the fast track, this year, and have issued exams and all work is completed. They anticipated the summer teen brain, I think. The cheerleader and her gang of 5 seem to revolve around all houses that have pools. I sense that will be the theme of the summer. Find a house with a teen and a pool and move in for the swim.

And, the crazy train would not be complete without a college stop. That would be us, today. We are heading out, in the pouring rain and tornado watches to Kent State University. I know, cue the stereo..."Four Dead in Ohio...lalalala" The cheerleader is excited to tour their school of fashion. I am wondering if they have row boats to get around campus because the rain continues to pour.

I have been working on my summer reading list. I have compiled quite a few titles for summer reading. I love working my way through a stack of books in the summer. I used to read poolside when the cheerleader was younger and we went to the city pool every single day of summer. Now, I take a glass of wine out to the porch and sit in my swing and read in the evenings. I have planned a June menu of yummy summer foods and have planned all of the concerts that Mr. Man and I are going to attend.

It is also time to get busy with goats. June begins the time of training and walking and grooming and lice powdering....yes, glam, I know, but what goat wants lice? And, it will be shearing time and hoof trimming time. Again, our goats like to be well groomed with pretty hooves.

So, I am getting ready to jump on the train, again, today. Once the initial summer prep is out of the way, I will be able to jump off the train and hopefully into a cocktail.

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tammy said...

Missing you online, but I definitely understand the Crazy Train! I'm looking forward to hearing your book list for summer reading. We both like to read fluff. :) Take care and don't let the train derail.