Monday, June 7, 2010

Hotel California

Over the weekend, I started to notice a trend happening at Maggie's Farm. Over the course of the past year, our house has become a hotel. A bed and breakfast to the teen set. The cheerleader and her pals have permanent reservations, it seems. And, when they are not using Maggie's Farm Hotel, the cheerleader seems to think that when she is at home all alone with no friends, it is still a hotel. Her own personal hotel with a great staff and great gourment chef. A laundry service that places fluffy towels in her bathroom, a wake up service, maid service and valet parking that pulls her car up to the top of the drive when she is ready to make her exit. A never ending snack bar/stocked mini fridge. Mr. Man and I are running quite a, how to charge all of these teens for reservations. Insert evil laugh.

In my ever changing moods, I would like to check into Maggie's Farm Hotel as a guest! What a life that would be! Enjoy all of the comforts with none of the pesky work involved. What a concept! I want to make my reservations in advance because I don't want to risk the place being sold out or overrun with teens.

I love the cheerleader. She is definitely a HUGE bright spot in life. Yesterday, though, found me ready to find a cattle prod to nudge her out of her Eloise existence and into real life. There was much work to be done around here and poor Eloise was tired from her weekend of pool parties, truck shows, cookouts, shopping and eating out and overnights with friends. Friday night found them all running out to a pool party while, moi, aka Cinderella was slumped on the front porch staining her life away. They were all able to jump over me, miss the staining in progress and promised to be home at curfew. Okay....good bye queens of the manor. The good mom in me stays up until said curfew is reached. I was cuddled on the sofa where I can see the front door, had my netbook, had my latest book I am reading and was watching taped shows from Bravo. At 11pm, I began getting texts that plans had changed and they were switching hotels and staying elsewhere. Could I set packed bags out on the front porch so the royal queens did not disturb the innkeeper. Um, let me see...NO. They had to race in, talk to me, pack bags and then go.

Saturday was quiet since they all were out and about and did not need reservations at Maggie's Farm for the night. Cinderella was allowed to take her magic pumpkin and handsome prince and beautiful girlfriends out for a night of music, fun, laughter and dancing. During the evening, Mr. Man, aka the handsome prince received a phone call from Eloise asking if we were having fun and checking on us. How nice...but really, she just wanted to tell us that she bought sea monkeys to raise with the leftover food money she extracted from the hotel's ATM, er, my wallet. COOL!! In addition to caretaking the odd cat, goldfish and goat, we get sea monkeys!!

Sunday found the return of Eloise to Maggie's Farm Hotel. She was tired and promptly fell asleep for 3 hours. We decided to wake her so we could have a small amount of family time. We all took a ride in one of the handsome prince's cars and when we got home, he wanted to wash the car before he put it away. I had dinner to start and Eloise was hiding behind a magazine on our big, comfy bed. Until I got the cattle prod out and the bullhorn and loudly suggested she take a hike down to help her father with his car....PRONTO. Loud sighs and the evasive mumbling that she does so well was in full swing and something about trying to rest up for the last full week of school. BAAAAHHHHAAAAHHHHAAAAAA...all I could do was turn into an evil stepsister and continue my laughter.

She was finished with the job, went up to her suite, er, room and phoned down about dinner. I think she was hinting about room service but the handsome prince hiked upstairs to haul Eloise down, we had a nice family dinner and then Eloise hit the hay in deep slumber knowing that everything was okay in her world at Maggie's Farm Hotel.

I wonder how many stars my hotel would rate?


tammy said...

Too funny and oh so, real. I would love to be a guest! I don't understand why we never get to be guests... :)

Kristin is hatching her sea monkeys this week, too. LOL

Pamela said...

Yes, Tammy...why ARE we never the guests????

Well, K and the cheerleader will have to track the progress of the sea monkeys. We did this years ago...I guess she wanted to relive some of her younger