Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You Got The Love

I am noticing a trend in some of the blogs I run across.  It is so disturbing because they are blogs written by much younger women than moi...they are blogs that actually bash my beloved series, Sex And The City and my even more beloved, Carrie Bradshaw!  Gasp...take a minute...the horror!!!

In my ever changing moods I don't understand the whining.  These blogs state that Carrie lied, that the series damaged a certain age group because well, whine, whine, whine, they all picked up, moved to Manhattan and what???  Their lives were NOT a non-stop Sex And The City episode?  Are you kidding me?  You are going to take such a sacred show to so many of us in MY age group and cry a river because you thought all it took was to move to the big city and would be living the life???

The latest whine fest is an upcoming, off Broadway production called, Hot Mess In Manhattan..all derived from a Carrie Bradshaw lied sort of premise...

Really??  Okay...this was my last straw!!

This show meant more to me and women and some of my closest friends than any other show in the history of television!  It was a liberating, in your face, fashion love-fest.  It gave us strong women, strong personalities, a love of the bond of friendship, a love of the bond with the city, a love of the bond of men and a very liberating take on a love of the bond of just plain, sex!  Never did the show promise a sparkling fairy tale to the droves of women that decided to take to Manhattan!!  For my age group, it was a great tale!  And, I dare say, a tale that some of us could actually achieve with hard work, years of hard work, lots and lots of hard work, never ending blood, sweat and tears.  Not a ticket to arrive in the city, a smile on our face and a promise to live the good life.  My age group knew and knows that nothing comes easy, we worked and worked and then worked more for those Manolo heels or those Jimmy Choo heels or that fab bag or apartment or house or any other life that we set out to carve for ourselves.  We knew the show was a dream, an escape from reality, a very fun outlet for many of us on Sunday evenings!  Did we REALLY think that we would all attain THAT certain couture outfit or THAT specific black bra.  No.  But, we could certainly find the next best thing that fit the illusion and still have the satisfaction that we had a similar look but not THE look because let's face it...none of us had the $20,000 smackers to plunk down on the ballgown that Carrie wore.  Nor did she.  We knew that.  It was OUR fairy tale.  Let us be happy with it.  None of us go around whining because oops....poor me, I didn't get the Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle. was JUST a show.

So, in Carrie's words to the one time lover, Aiden....Please, just shut up!!!

Let Carrie and ther girlfriends live.  Go start your own lives, make your own way and stop blaming, Carrie Bradshaw for your non-Manhattan life.  Go burn your own path, make your own way, make your own name.  That was the spirit of the show....Now, just go....

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