Sunday, July 15, 2012

Since You've Been Gone

Well, well, well....who do we have knocking at the blogging door? 

I have been doing some much needed computer clean up know, cleaning out old files, deleting old email contacts, cracking up over old pictures, unfriending silent/train wreck/stalker like "friends" on Facebook, looking for lost documents...the usual ho hum work that occassionally needs to be done.  Anyway, in the midst of my cleaning, I started through my Favorites, and what did my eye find?  Yes, you guessed it, this old blog.

In My Ever Changing Moods, I decided to start from the beginning and read.  I kept smiling and laughing and remembering that girl that decided to blog about the next steps in her life.  The paths she would conquer, the roads she would travel, the new life she would lead once her one and only went off to make her way in collegiate land.  I loved every minute of my reading.  I had forgotten so much of what had been written and was astounded at just how far this girl had come!  It has been over a year since my last blog post...a LIFETIME in blogging land!!  So much has changed in my life, in my co-ed's life, in my journey, in the blogging world, itself!

Blogs have come so far from when I started my blogging journey.  Most resemble sleek and glossy pages of magazines with pictures of fashion, food, cars, kids, every single thing under the sun.  The more I read the pages of my blog, I remembered how much I loved exploring my days, my thoughts, my feelings, the changes my life was taking.  I decided that for as high tech as life has become, I still have an old school heart and soul that likes to blog just for the sake of writing a blog.  So, now that I've got the old writing bug, back, what better time to start up, again?  Do people read me, do people care, am I looking for an audience...I can't answer that but I know that all I want to do is to bring old school blogging back.  I have explored many roads since our last chat and I look forward to my continued adventures in my ever changing moods.

Get comfy, get ready, or run for the hills and block my fan page on Facebook.  Since I've been gone, much has changed, and I am sure you will be on the edge of your seats, just waiting to hear what a middle aged, empty nester, (are those REALLY terms that I am now using to describe myself??), has been doing with her life, her thoughts, her time...

So, cheers my lovelies!  Let's get this cocktail party started...

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