Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ever Changing Moods

Hello from way back in February!! How crazy can it be that so much time went by at such a fast pace? Here I am looking at the month of April, aka, My Birthday Month, or when the sun opened up and bestowed a greatness to the earth...okay, kidding, kidding. Anyway, the important thing is it is April, not ice and cold February, and all things are full steam ahead! Except for my blogging.

In my ever changing moods, who knew just a little over a year ago, when I started to freak about what to do with my new time on my hands, that I would start a bread business, help the cheerleader on her collegiate path, start another business, Girl With Far Away Eyes, and be forced to come out of denial that college is no longer something off in the future?

Yes, in two months, I will have a graduate. I guess, that technically, she is no longer even the cheerleader. WHAT??? That ship is over and sailed...cue the sobbing. So, she will be the graduate all summer and then what? The Co-Ed?? She is excited to start the next journey and I am excited, too.

Cosmic Charlie is doing very well and I am a month away from farmer's market opening, again, for the season while I still have my gig at the coffee house!

Girl With Far Away Eyes is a little shop within a building of shops/booths. I like to describe it as the girl who likes to have fun, loves to sing, loves a soiree, loves all things fashion, loves music, her head is in the present but part of her loves all things 60s and 70s...it's hip, fun, funky, resale clothing for the fashion minded girl.

The cheerleader cheered her last game and hung up her poms. She got a summer job in a new ice cream shop. She is currently interviewing for a couple of scholarships and counting down the days until she graduates.

College orientation, room assignments, class assignments all await us in June.

The graduation soiree needs to be planned and executed.

I have gone from the Ever Changing Moods girl trying to figure out her next step in life to being the Ever Changing Moods girl with a whole lot of life!

Anyway...I am scarce, I wanted to tell you why, I will understand if you write me off, quit following, erase me. But, I am not leaving. I just don't have the time to blog and I hate when I follow blogs that I love and all of a sudden, you are left hanging, waiting, wondering...so, for now, I say I am on hiatus. But, I am sure when I have that mental breakdown, er, when we take the cheerleader to college, I will be back with a need to sort it all out.

So, if you want to follow my Cosmic Charlie fan page or my soon to be Girl With Far Away Eyes page, on Facebook, I will be there. If not, I will be back when summer ends.

Go out and live your life's motto!! Experience your ever changing moods!! Don't forget to sing loudly while doing it all!! Have a soundtrack for your mind and life.

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