Friday, February 4, 2011

Hot Child In The City

Well, February blew in much like every February, here, on Maggie's Farm. Cold, brutal, snowy and then for fun, a really, truly bizarre ice storm. I don't mean a bit of sleety, freezing rain. I mean horrid, horizontally blowing sheets of ice. On the night of the worst of it, the sound of it all blowing into the sides of the house were scary and eerie. And, with cold temps., the ice isn't going anywhere, too soon. But, it's winter, it's has just been weird. My little car looked like it had been frozen inside of an ice cube. From the road, down my front hill, over my drive and then down my front steps is just thick, thick sheets of ice. No distinction between grass or concrete. We will thaw and then get more winter but the Ice Storm of 2011 has been unreal.

In my ever changing moods, I just made sure that the house was stocked with foods, drinks, coffee and wine. I made sure that my Cosmic Charlie supplies were all in order and did several deep pleas of no power outages and then all that could be done was just wait it out. Our area was on a Level 3 Snow Emergency so cars were not allowed on the roads even if you could chisel out. It is a part of life in the winter weather states. As Jerry would say...nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

I decided to just set up camp in one of our tv areas. I had my netbook, never ending coffee by day, flowing wine, by night. I cooked really yummy comfort dinners, made warm breakfasts, made really yummy pots of soup for lunches. For my viewing pleasure, I was going to put in one of my all time fav movies, The Ice Storm, but decided against it since the ending always freaks me out and since we were in the middle of our own storm, didn't want to make myself go insane.

I ended up discovering that the E! channel was offering up marathon blocks of my all time, EVER, fav show...Sex And The City. For a few days in a row. Now, I have the dvds of the show, know each episode by heart, have both movies on dvd but for some reason, the marathons delighted me!!! It took me back to a magical time of tv viewing when each season of this show was greatly anticipated! The girls, the friendships, the had it all. It was THE most liberating show, for women, of it's time. When the show debuted, I had a toddler running around and my days were filled with Barney, Rugrats, Allegra...on the Sunday of the SATC debut, I had put the toddler to bed, made sure that J was occupied in his den/pool table room/guy hangout, and I planted myself in front of the tv. I didn't know what to expect but I didn't expect to be lifted to a magical place, each week, of each season. The girls could have been any group of me, they became my salvation on Sunday nights. J and I always had our date nights on Saturdays and it took me away from toddlerville for a few hours but this show gave me back my sense of freedom, my sense of style, my celebration of girlfriends.

So, to discover that it was on, in mini marathons, during the ice out, made me so happy!! It is like comfort food only it's comfort revisiting of friends/fashion/cocktails/catch phrases and just a chance to fall in love with it, all over again.

I am no longer chasing around a toddler, I have definitely carved my own fashion sense, I can hang with galpals whenever I want and I am liberated from the toddler mom fashion group. Because, back in those days, toddler mom fashion was soooooo meh. This show let me get my dress on, let my hair be crazy, wavy. It encouraged me to buy many, many and many more pairs of high this day, I love these girls for what they gave to women!

So, this is how I spent The Ice Storm...with old friends that weren't afraid to put it out there, be themselves and look fab while doing so.

Hot Child In The City is one of my FAV episodes of all of them...nothing much happened in the episode but the relationship between Carrie and her young boyfriend is nothing short of hysterical in the ending. And, it brought many hysterical memories of me and my bff from high school. Who knew we were the groundbreaking twins for the

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