Friday, September 24, 2010

Going Down The Road Feeling Bad

This has definitely described my week, this week!! I have been sailing down the road full steam ahead and then bam, out of nowhere, I was hit buy some sort of unglam stomach illness. That lasted 4 days. Not good.

In my ever changing moods, my life can no longer handle illness. As the mom of a senior, a new business owner and a president of a group that depends on me, this illness thing is a total buzz kill, drag, time waster.

Of course, I always seem to jinx myself to get sick. I start thinking, wow, so happy that I haven't been sick and even when everyone around me is sick, I am NOT sick. Two days later....hello sickness.

I have been running like crazy, though, so my body may not have been at it's peak in the germ fighting department. I am well, now, though, and that is all that counts.

So, that explains one week of no blogging. My exploding Cosmic Charlie Bread business is another reason. Between baking for the coffee house, stocking my displays at the coffee house, farmer's market and special orders, ordering tshirts, and venturing into even more fab Cosmic oppportunities, each time I want to sit and blog, my time just gets away from me.

And, on top of it all is senior year. We are one week away form homecoming so we have been dress shopping, shoe shopping, the cheerleader is in charge of spirit week and the week will also be filled with hair appointments, nail appointments, pep rallies and then the meltdown that will happen on Friday morning. The meltdown happens, each year. I am prepared for it. I usually have a little gift to give to her just to brighten her mood on meltdown day.

Senior pictures are staring us in the face and I am sure it will be another stress fest of a week. Basically, what I have learned, so far being a senior mom, is that everything is highly dramatic, over the top, emotional, stressful. When she doesn't have a million things going on plus cheer competitions, plus school work, she is biting her nails over sending out college applications. I really do not remember stressing at all in my senior year. I just rode the tides and let life take me where it wanted. That was 1982, this is 2010, soon to be 2011. Senior life is much different. Senior life makes senior mom wonder if her cases of wine will get her through the stress filled year.

So, this is what makes up my life, right now. But, since I miss my blog and I miss my readers and I miss randomly writing about the thoughts in my head, I hope to visit more. In fact, when I was sick, I was looking through some cool blogs on There seems to be a challenge happening with some of them to keep up the blogging pace. I don't care so much about the pace but the daily questions seemed interesting so in order to keep my fingers moving on the keyboard, I think I will start my own, personal, 30 day challenge, each day. Could be fun.

Hope you all have been well and as for me, I was going down the road just fine until I started feeling bad. Stay well, stay happy, stay caught up in your ever changing moods.

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