Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Boys Of Summer

While I don't like to admit it, each year, this is the time that summer starts to wind down. You can tell it by the sun, by the shadows, by the soft breezes that no longer feel like poolside breezes but more like autumn breezes. My garden containers have just about given me all of the fresh tomatoes that they have to give and leaves are starting to wither away.

In my ever changing moods, no matter how much I look forward to summer and enjoy the three months of really great summer weather and fun in the sun, I am an autumn girl at heart. Most people feel renewal in the spring and while I have to admit, after some of the past winters we have gone through, I have been sooo happy so have spring come to visit, but my renewal comes in the autumn. I love the crisp colors, the chill to the air, the still warm sun that doesn't fry you but just sort of glows on you. I love the orchards opening and the cider drinking and all of the fall festivals. I love the warm tones to the evening sun and the shifting from grilled summer foods to rich and vibrant autumn foods. Yes, I eat for the seasons and yes, in my world there is summer food, autumn food, winter food and spring food.

Today seemed to kiss the summer one more time before we drift further into fall. School started for us and that meant the cheerleader gave up her carefree days to assume the role of a senior!! She is excited and we are excited but inside, I am already a bit teary at all the lasts that are headed our way. Today, was our last first day of school picture. As I sit and stare at it, I see a very confident and excited girl in the picture. Much like her kindergarten picture. She was so excited on her first day of kindergarten and so confident that she would remember her alphabet and her counting and her songs.

Today also found the cheerleader getting a call from a local place for a job interview, tomorrow. She is so excited because except for babysitting, this will be her first job! J and I are excited to see her take on a bit more responsibility and to learn how to deal with the public. She is excited at making a bit of extra spending money.

The start of school also saw the closing of Hotel California, here at Maggie's Farm. Not for good but not the everyday comings and goings of teen girls who came to eat at Alice's Restaurant and hang out until they migrated off to swim or shop or hang out with other friends.

This autumn finds me with a whole different life than I had, last fall. My own little business is flourishing, I have been written about in the paper, people are special ordering, the coffee house and I have a nice bread relationship and I am now an active member of vendors at our downtown farm markets on Saturdays. My breads all sell out and the reviews have been great! I have business cards and a menu and a following.

J and I are starting to talk about next year when it's just the two of us. We talk about how I will then be able to pick up with him and travel and I am hoping that my business is going strong and that the cheerleader picks a college and is happy there.

Autumn always brings good things and this autumn is bringing change, excitement, bittersweet moments and a feeling that all things are possible.

Don Henley - The Boys Of Summer
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