Thursday, September 30, 2010

Talk, Talk

Day 4 of The Challenge...(I am extremely busy with baking for the coffee house, baking for farmer's market, getting ready for a cheerleader sleepover, tonight, and making desserts for 20 cheerleaders, tomorrow and yes...Homecoming...anyway, short and sweet, today..)

Day 4...What is an annoying habit that you have?

I have a tendency, when I am totally overloaded, to verbally begin running down every play by play that I have to do. J gets a glazed over look and just says...You are doing it, again. If I find myself doing it to other people, I simply tell myself to zip it. So, on a day like today, be glad you are not spending the day with me or you would be getting the entire run down of every step I need to make.

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