Monday, August 23, 2010

Once In A Lifetime

It has been a busy few days and I am now trying to regroup with large amounts of coffee. It has been a good busy but busy still the same. Today is the day that once again, I proclaim to take back my laundry room while getting lost in the abyss that is the cheerleader's room and trying to brush the matted fur of the world's oddest cat.

In my ever changing moods, today is when I tend to all things domestic that have been neglected. Why is it that when you turn your back, the first thing that seems to mock you is the laundry? And, how does it multiply so quickly? In such a short amount of time? In my mind, this is one of life's great mysteries...figure it out and you will be my best friend for life!

The reason for the mocking laundry is that my little baking/bread business has been going really well and then this past weekend, I branched out and tested the waters downtown at the town's local farmer's market. GREAT response!! My products all sold out and I hope that in the process, I was able to send even more business to the local coffeehouse that serves my breads. I even had to take special orders that I will be delivering, today. It is all so exciting and so fulfilling!! I didn't even know that I was looking for this when I started down the road of self discovery. I mean, seriously, 6 months ago, I ran in terror at the thought of baking anything more complicated than a pan of brownies. I have said this before but I CAN just scares me.

So, who knew that when my friend, C, answered my plea for help in the baking of bread, and her kicking me in the rear and telling me to just do it, would I love all things dough, so much? My love grew and my family was in love with me for giving them freshly baked rolls, breads and sweets. Then, somehow, things escalated and I fell into a GREAT gig with the coffeehouse, am forming a really nice friendship in the process with S, the owner, and now I am also all over town and taking special orders.

Yesterday, I designed business cards and labels...I know...who am I ???? It is great fun but the best part is that I am carving out my own business, with my own theme, as my own boss and I hope that this is only the beginning of more great things to come!

I was working in the yard, yesterday, and thinking that everything that has ever happened in my life has not come with a lot of planning. Things just seem to show up in unexpected ways and I decide to jump on and see where the ride is going to take me. This is one of those times. I try to always experience whatever comes my way because so many opportunities don't knock twice. Sometimes you really do just have to jump in, feet first, and ask yourself...How did I get here?

For all of my fans, here, I have a Facebook page set up for my new venture. If you want to follow me on that, just look for me at Cosmic Charlie Baking and will take you right to my fan page. I was going to tie it in with a second blog but right now, a fan page is what I can handle.

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tammy said...

I know...WHO KNEW!?! It's been an amazing journey and I love hearing all about it. Good luck!! :)