Monday, August 16, 2010

Love Song

Just when I thought the weekend would be a quiet one, it changed. It started out peaceful and quiet with me cheering the end of fair. The cheerleader moved home, brought 100 pounds of laundry, fell asleep and planned to just spend a quiet afternoon and evening at home. That lasted up until she woke from her afternoon nap. The cheerleader is not a relaxing sort of girl and once she fuels up on sleep and food, she becomes restless. So, she made plans to go pick her pal, M, up for a quick shopping trip. She left, I was happy with the silence, and started the laundry. Not long after, she called me to say that she and M were leaving M's house to go meet their other pal, H, who had just gotten jilted by her boyfriend. For another friend of theirs. Cue the high drama music. Make way for the tears. I told them to be careful and to make sure that H didn't drive if she was too upset.

J came home, we were enjoying a quiet evening of nothingness and all of a sudden Maggie's Farm erupted in fireworks. Yes, the three amigos came busting in, all on fire with the rage, angst, revenge of a teen heart broken.

In my ever changing moods, I was suddenly transported back to my own high school and college days and to the amount of times either myself or my pals all nursed a broken teen heart. I was brought back to reality, quickly, when they began, frantically, telling me plans of things they could do for revenge. I quickly had to take my sympathetic mom hat off and put on my police hat. GIRLS!!!!!! We are not living a Carrie Underwood or Talylor Swift song. There is sweet revenge and then there is landing in front of a juvenile judge!!!!! Pull it together, people.

After they all ran up to the cheerleader's room, I took a sip, or a few sips of wine and headed up to talk to calmer heads. I pointed out that a better plan of revenge is the subtle, emotional revenge. (How old am I???? Am I still trapped in a junior high mentality???) Anyway, I pointed out that physical harm or property damage is not the way to go...ever. So, after much plotting, they decided the best revenge would be to seek out the house where the greatest number of their guy friends were hanging and go there. And then text about being there. Yeah, the old make him jealous plot was in high gear.

I then went out to pick up dinner for J and me. J who was still holding the tv remote...of course, guys are always oblivious to the broken hearts. While driving, this whole dramatic scene made me, once again, remember all of the plans of revenge that my pals and I always made but never carried out. I think it is just the teen way. You go through broken hearts to learn how to mend them. You go through hurt to learn how to work through it. You bond with your girlfriends over plans of revenge to teach you that no matter how dark the hour seems, you do have friends. You experience this all as a teen so that when you get to be my age, you can say that yes, the storm can be weathered and that someday, when the timing is right and you find the right person, you will find the happiness that is waiting for you in the right relationship.

Then, yesterday, as the cheerleader was buying a card and gift to cheer H up, she got a call that H had decided to go back with the cheater, er, boyfriend. The cheerleader was livid but told her pal that she understood. She asked me if she could return the card and gift to get her money back. I told her to just keep it, it wouldn't be the last of the teenage broken hearts.

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