Thursday, August 12, 2010

Your Love

My blogging has become sporadic and I don't like it! I don't like when bloggers come on and tell you how busy they are and that they vow to start blogging, again, and then it is months before you hear from them again. I am NOT that blogger!!!!

In my ever changing moods, the first verse to the song, Your Love, sums up my world minus the vacation...

"Josie's on a vacation far away..." I haven't been on a vacation but this summer is really blowing past me in a blur of crazy busy days, a house of kids, goats at the fair, my new little business taking off, the day to day, keeping up with my friends, the never ending upkeep of Maggie's Farm, lots of fun summer concerts, and did I mention the revolving door that I am thinking of installing to transport the loads of teens in and out in a quick manner.

I just need the earth to slow down a bit and give me back my QUIET mornings that I enjoy setting aside for blogging. The fair ends, tomorrow...huge sigh of relief! That will cut down on the extra few dozens of kids that don't actually live here. I won't be playing Alice's Restaurant for dishing out breakfasts after they all show and take care of their animals at fair. I won't be busy trying to find extra blankets for them all to sleep and take naps before they all shower and head back out to the fair. In case you didn't know, the county fair is a big happening in Maggie's Farm's town. I am ready to be done, pack up the goats, bid farewell to the extra kids, and start to tackle the laundry room.

So, basically, I miss my morning blog sessions. I miss you, my readers and fans. And I wanted you to know that since I have been so hit and miss. I look forward to getting back on track...

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