Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hello!!! I am blowing back in!!! I feel like I have been doing nothing but blowing around, here, there and everywhere. The past week has been crazy and packed with lots of things going on and that new gig that I talked about when I last posted. I think that things have settled to a dull storm, at this point. I have my groove all planned out, now, and am charging full steam ahead.

In my ever changing moods, I have not been this busy, in a long time, and I am loving every minute of it!! After beginning this blogging journey to track new paths and finding my way in a changing role as the cheerleader gets ready to enter her senior year in high school, I have been lucky enough to have been given a chance to pursue something that has become a passion of mine. When I started this self-journey, one of my goals was to overcome my dislike/fear/irritation with baking. You all got to see my creation of Cosmic bread baking/baking attempts. Well, it turns out that I enjoyed the baking so much, that it is now what I am doing on a regular basis for a local establishment!!

Me, baking, almost daily. Who would have put those words, together, 6 months ago? It turns out that I find it very rewarding, very relaxing, very fun!! And, people all seem to love my creations!! It is the new niche that I was looking for and I love seeing and smelling all of my creations!!

Who knew that baking was going to be my next step in life? And, it fits into my lifestyle, perfectly! I work to my own beat, still have time for things at home and for the upcoming crazy senior year but I also have this little space that is all about me and my creativity!!

So, yes, I do feel like I am blowing around town, smiling, chatting, baking...and I have never felt so alive with possibilities!! I am a creative person by nature and this allows me a new outlet for my ever changing moods...

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