Thursday, August 19, 2010

Loving You

The world of my every changing moods has gotten so busy, lately. My new business is taking off and not only am I doing my original gig for my baking, but I am taking in special orders from emails and am getting ready to set up, this Saturday, downtown, with my baked yumminess!! Add to the chaos is the cheerleader and her non-stop cheer practices and comings and goings and end of the summer doctor appointments and the excitement of starting her senior year and constant chatter about senior pictures, graduation announcements, games, college applications and just the general senior thrill.

J has been busy with his own projects that find him out in his garage until all hours of the night, right now. In the evenings, if I am doing baking, here, and he is outside in the garage, I find myself running out to help him, between oven timers ringing. Last night, I was running back and forth in my little baking apron. I was like a baking garage/grease monkey.

Anyway, once I was finishing up and he came inside and still had not had dinner at 11pm and he looked so tired and was watching me finish up my baking project, I looked at him and was just so filled with love and appreciation. He works so hard and he is so patient with two crazy girls running through the house. He helps me with all of my new ventures and offers support and help. He listens, endlessly, to the cheerleader and her newest high dramatics and never ending teen sagas. He can look so tired but still indulge me while I blab on and on about new baking orders or a certain display I am working on. He takes the time to help me decide on a business logo. He stops and listens about my upcoming presidency in my women's group, he gives advice, he reads things for me to make sure that what I am sending out to people sounds right.

We are often running past each other most days. We give quick hugs and quick kisses and we keep moving. We are not corny, cheesey romantics...we just know that we love each other and are there for each other. But, sometimes, like last night, with both of us helping the other, my heart fills with so much love and so much appreciation that I have him as a friend, partner, love.

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