Friday, October 15, 2010

Life In One Day

This is Day 8 of The's question fits in nicely with my upcoming weekend. The cheerleader and I are off to tour one of her fav college choices for the second time and she will fill out her application while we are there. It's an exciting time for her and so I want to be there to encourage, support, cheer and share in her excitement. It's a big deal and I want her to experience all that the next step in her life has to offer!!

Challenge...List your short term goals for the month.

1. Get the college applications filled out and sent.
2. Get senior pictures done.
3. Make my plan for Cosmic Charlie now that the season is over for farmer's market.
4. Get a new display ready for Cosmic Charlie at The Depot and make my fans aware of where to buy their breads and rolls, now.
5. Get my filing and organizing done for my Soroptimist paperwork.
6. Delegate, delegate, delegate (something that is hard for me.)
7. Get the yard and house ready for the end of autumn.
8. Enjoy the days of warm sun, vibrant colors, and Indian summer.
9. Remember to enjoy, to love, to be patient and to be kind.
10. Make each day a personal best!

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