Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nights On Broadway

Day 7 of The Challenge...

Post a picture of something or someone that has had the greatest impact on your life.

Hmmmm...the list cannot be just one thing, for me. But, here it is...

I grew up in the midwest, went to college in the south, and then took off for California. I was a flight attendant that chose to make her home base, Los Angeles. I will never forget catching sight of this sign on arrival. I could see the sign from one of my apartments. The thrill, the realization that I had blown the popscicle stand of my hometown and went west. Thrilling!

As a flight attendant, my first trip was from LAX to JFK. The trip that will forever remain in my mind as I was a brand new flight attendant, called out on my first reserve day, to fly as the Number 1 flight attendant. On a DC-10. Full flight. Full cocktail and lunch service. I was near tears as we landed at JFK. Luckily, I had a DYNAMITE cool, eclectic, fun crew...all helpful, all happy to have a novice on board. My tears dried up the minute our cabs hit the city....once again, it took my breath away. I was in the land of magic and could hardly wait to make this city my second home, as often as I could.

Living in Los Angeles, I had a friend who's family owned an apartment in San Francisco. We would spend many weekends, there, exploring, dining, drinking...San Francisco became my fav city of all cities. I felt so overwhelmed to look up the old haunts of what used to be the dwellings and hang outs of so many of my worshipped bands of the 60s. J and I also have a special history in San Francisco. I guess, to sound corny, I could say that I lost my heart TO San Francisco and IN San Francisco...

There have also been people, in my life, that have made big impacts...

The cheerleader
My inlaws
My grandparents
My bff from high school
My sorority sisters

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