Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome To Miami

Day 5 of The Challenge....

Post a picture of a place where you have visited.

A picture of South you all know, we used to live in Florida and still go back, yearly, for winter vacays. Miami and South Beach are usual stops for us. I love the sights, sounds, foods and attire that come with visiting Miami. It's an electric city full of an energy known only to South Florida. South Beach is one of my fav areas for shopping and people watching. The pastels and neon all meet up to offer the backdrop of lights for nightlife, there. There is no other coffee quite like Cuban coffee. The cuisine it tropcial/ethnic/ me, Miami is one of my fav cities to visit. And, to be out on the water approaching the Miami skyline is so exciting!! As the skyline gets closer, you can't help but belt out, Welcome To Miami!!

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