Friday, February 19, 2010

Born To Be Wild

Maybe I should say, born to be mildly wild. I was never the overly wild child kind of girl. I was the girl who followed the rules and yet I am the girl who cannot stand following the rules of I liked to have fun and could be rowdy and loud and went to tons of parties. Oh yes, good times were always had, and I think we all thought we were wild but we were mildly wild. The best kind of wild.

In my ever changing moods, I do still have streaks of mildly wildness left in me. I still like to dance, to sing at the top of my lungs, have cocktails, go to concerts, party with my pals and am always planning the next big soiree in my mind. But, then the other side of me takes over, too. The mom, the cheer mom, the rule making mom, the voice of reason mom. The chef, the errand running girl, the mundane chores girl, the cat caretaker girl. I like to balance it all out. It makes for a well rounded girl!

Once summer weather is here to stay, I get super excited. I get excited over the sunshine, the warmth, the beautiful trees and flowers, the long days and the fact that I can pull my fav car out of the garage and put her on the summer roads!!

Mr. Man surprised me with my little Audi TT about 3 summers ago. He pulled into the drive, honking her horn and then had to pick me up off of the drive after I fainted in shock. To those who know me well, know that her name is Elle Woods. Named after Elle's car in Legally Blonde 2. When Elle comes out for summer fun, my wild side comes out.

Wild as in let me drive as fast as I can on open country roads with my music blaring. Let me drive as fast as legally allowed on the highways. I love the feel of the sun on me with my hair blowing in the wind and a great tune blasting. There is no other feeling like it in the world. When summer weather hits and Elle comes out for the summer, my mildly wild side comes out, too!! In my mind, I leave the country roads and pretend that I am cruising the coast of California. Driving Elle Woods does so much for my ever changing mood. She makes me happy, carefree, loud and wild in my mind.

We are best friends in the summer and she lets me revisit the mildly wild girl in me. Of course, when we come home and I put her back in the garage until our next drive, I once again become sensible mom, wife, cat caretaker, all around girl of the mundane. Until our next drive, that is...

As always, enjoy the music and go out and do something mildly wild, today!!

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