Friday, February 26, 2010

Time For Me To Fly

You know how songs mean many things to many people? I mean, I think we each, over time, have had that one or two pivotal song or songs that speaks volumes and inspires. It can be a song to encourage or support or for love or for mending a broken heart or making a big jump in life. Making a change, moving on...songs that speak to us.

Not everyone has the same song. I have had several songs that just speak to me and say...go for it!! I have songs that still bring a tear to my eye because of a memory or a broken heart. Music sums up what your heart wants you to do or what your mouth wants you to speak. I believe this, I live by this.

The past few days or so, my ever changing moods has had a shift of sorts. An uneasiness that has been nagging at me. Little things seem to keep popping up to make up larger things that start to weigh on a person. Nothing earth shattering, or life sickness, sadness or anything wrong with the ones I hold near and dear.

It has been more of a signal that it's time to move on. Move away from things that are not working. Putting a distance between myself and things that are not working. Maybe it's a sign of maturity or getting a bit older, a bit wiser, but sometimes you just know when to hold em, know when to fold em. (Song implant, anyone).

Sometimes, stepping away from what is familiar is really hard. It is sad because usually the reason you are stepping away has nothing to do with the larger equation. So, you take a deep breath, hope that the ones you are closest with will understand, and make that jump. The jump can be scary but then it can hold many exciting possibilities. It can be jumping to a new job, a new city, a new school...or, it can be a jump from anywhere you once felt so content.

Life is full of possibilities and challenges and rewards. Sometimes, making that jump and then landing on the other side is what you need to make your mark.

So, in your ever changing moods, pick a song that speaks to you. Turn it up as loud as it will go, get pumped and then go out and make that change, make your jump, make your mark, be happy!!!

I have to say that these jumps and making changes are made easy if you have a loving support circle. I have Mr. Man, the cheerleader and a group of great friends (you all know who you are) so I know that they always have my back. Gather your support circles, prepare for the bumps and enjoy the destination. Until the next time it's time for you to fly....

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