Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some Of My Moods

Since this blog is about my ever changing moods, I thought I would share the many moods that are me. Or, more like, the many things that are me and what I like to do.

Watching the cheerleader do her thing...which is cheer!
Spending time with Mr. Man and the cheerleader
Going on dates with Mr. Man (he still makes me swoon)
Spending time with my friends
Driving my convertible in warm and sunny weather!
Hanging out with my online friends (hey, it's not weird...many of us met back when the cheerleader was 3 years old...they have helped keep my sanity many times)
The hair my hair girl!
Warm weather
Following blogs that are about all things bohemian
Trying to learn to actually bake without freaking out. Love to cook, abhor baking
Throwing a great soiree
Collecting dishes and cocktail glasses
Watching movies
Watching really shallow reality shows on Bravo
Meeting friends for coffee!
My Ipod
Downloading songs to my Ipod
Dancing around to songs on my Ipod
Following all bands of the mid to late 60s/early 70s
Being a mom, or relearning how to mother a head strong, independent teen girl...gotta love drama/over the top dramatics/and snarkiness...

I am sure that I have many other things that I love to do and put me in a good mood but I think this list gives you an idea.

Notice that I did not include laundry, cleaning or anything of the everyday mundane. Not that I don't do them. I mean, I do them each and every day and could do them all in my sleep. my mood is ever changing, these tasks are going to my ever changing mood of disdain. Things that must be done in my life but are no longer fun doing them.

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