Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Muffin Man

One of my goals, now that I have more and more time on my hands, is to learn to bake. Well, I should clarify, I CAN bake, I do not LIKE to bake. I freeze, I get bleary eyed, I have no interest. I love to cook, love to entertain, could throw a cocktail party for 20 at the drop of a hat. I could whip up amazing food, drinks, music, have a cute outfit on and ready to party the night away with only an hour's notice. But, give me a recipe for a cake, pie, brownies, muffins...forget it. My mind doesn't seem to like exact measurements. My mind doesn't seem to like exactness of any kind. Like me, my mind has a free wheeling mind of it's own and tends to shift as soon as the measuring cups come out for the baking.

Cooking is all about using imagination and inspiration. It's really easy to create dishes in your head or to tweak a recipe but baking requires definite rule following. I don't like to conform so basically, I don't like conforming to the rules of baking.

But, I do bake. And, when I put my mind to it, I bake really well. I don't like to buy sweets or baked goods laden with unknown ingredients but I do like my family to have sweet treats and baked goods. I am a firm believer in all foods that are natural, in their purest state, no processed or fake foods or fake fats. Soooo, a girl who follows these guidelines has no choice but to bake up her own concoctions. Now, when I am in an organic grocery, I do stock up on good for you treats but I also think that a family enjoys a nice warm, sweet concoction out of the kitchen made with love.

So, last week, on a cold morning, my ever changing mood was in the mood to bake. I made coffee cake muffins. I served them to Mr. Man who declared them....AWESOME. After we had a good laugh about him starting to say that they were...AWFUL...hahaha. Mr. Man is so funny.

I got this yummy recipe from a blog that I follow...

Coffee Cake Muffins

Now, I did omit the pecans and I didn't do the drizzle over the top. I use all organic products. They were yummy.

And, while this is not a cooking/baking blog, baking IS one of my goals in my ever changing moods with more time on my hands.

And, here is a picture of my finished product...

And, of course, a classic muffin song...

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Eileen said...

yum - looks good! Another side benefit of baking is how good it makes the house smell.