Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spill The Wine

Well, don't spill the wine...keep it in your glass and drink it!! But, what a great song title.

Wine...those who know me well know that it is my cocktail of choice. A good, hearty, dry red wine. I have no idea when wine became my cocktail but in my ever changing moods and the older I get, this is my favorite way to end the day and begin the evening journey.

To me, it is like a ritual. The sun begins to set, it's time to begin dinner preparations (we are late diners) and the house just sort of starts to quiet. Without needing to run the cheerleader all over the green earth, this is definitely a quiet time at my house.

Now, I am not a wino....there is a big difference. But sitting down with a relaxing glass of wine does so much for the soul.

I think that as a stay at home mom all of these years, my days were so packed with non-stop baby/toddler/preschool/elementary/middle school/high school activities over the years that I started looking forward to the time of day when the cheerleader would get her bath, calm down and go to bed. I mean, we had great days with lots of adventures and lots of day trips and playdates and all of the rest of the fun things that childhood brings but it was nice to sit down, after the hectic day, and just have an hour of time just to myself.

During my hour of wine, I start dinner, I listen to music, I read a magazine or a couple of chapters in a book, watch a show that I may have on the dvr or check the computer. But, that hour is reserved strictly for me. No mundane laundry, cleaning, phone calls....just making dinner, wine, and my time.

I think that it is a nice transition that takes me from being so high strung, all day, to beginning my mellow transformation for evening. And, after that hour and my glass of wine and a yummy dinner in the oven, my ever changing mood is ready to greet Mr. Man and the cheerleader as they both make it home in time for dinner. The chaos starts again, the minute the front door opens but if I have had my hour of wine, it's okay. I have had my siesta of sorts and can face a crazy evening.

So, don't spill the wine, pour some in a glass and savor...enjoy...relax...

Your ever changing mood will be so recharged and happy..

And, get a special wine glass just for you. Something that makes you happy when you are enjoying your glass of vino...

Here are some of my favorite glasses..


Enjoy the music, tonight, over a glass of wine. And, I know the original song was done by Eric Burdon but I like this version, too...


Dawn said...

Love the wine glasses!

chris_hannan said...

I enjoy your blog Pam. I like the ease with which you seem to be able to put what you're feeling on paper.

"Jeremiah was a bullfrog...he always had a mighty fine wine."

Pamela said...

Love you guys!!! And, yes, he always had a mighty fine