Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scarlet Begonias

There comes a time in my ever changing moods when I become irritated with winter. The Winter of 2010 on Maggie's Farm has been a complete drag, I have to tell you. I am the kind of winter girl who gets all giddy right after Thanksgiving to get a pretty dusting of snow. As Thanksgiving moves into December and Christmas, the hint of snow is always exciting!! The couple of weeks after Christmas, still fun and magical. Once we delve into the end of January and the remaining months of winter, my excitement fades and my ever changing mood becomes irritated to get the winter over so that I can become excited with the coming of spring!!

This winter has really thrown Maggie's Farm and the surrounding area a curve ball. We didn't just get snow and cold. We got blasted with 3 HUGE snowstorms within a period of a week and a half. Not just cold temperatures but frigid, windy, take your breath away temperatures. Not fun. If these drifts are not removed from Maggie's Farm, you may find me face down in one with wine glass in hand.

I think the winter blues hit me even worse because I hit a point where looking cute in cute clothes has to give way to dressing in a survival of the fittest look. I may scream if I have to look at myself in one more pair of skinny jeans and one more pair of UGG boots. My accessory of choice to shake things up is deciding on what color scarf I will wrap around my neck. Over the look.

Enter my get happy look. On days where it is just a bit cold, no mile high drifts and thick ice, I like to play around with my clothes and incorporate spring items into my winter look. I love pairing happy, flowy spring skirts and dresses with a winter cardigan or sweater, heavy black leggings and my black motorcycle boots. Cute, warm AND hopeful of good things to come, once spring arrives. The skirts can easily be switched to flipflops and tshirts as the temperatures soar but I like to have them on when it's cold to put a song in my step.

I have included pictures of what I like to call my Scarlet Begonias look. I have no idea if these flowers are begonias but since it's my look, my favorite song and my blog...Scarlet Begonias it is.

Enjoy the look, adopt it for yourself, enjoy the song and most importantly, join me and my ever changing mood as I eagerly await the arrival of spring!!

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Dawn said...

I love the look! You have such a flair for fashion. I am also so ready for spring!