Monday, February 15, 2010

Sea Of Love

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I spent it with Mr. Man on a long weekend out of town. We celebrated with an intimate dinner, last night, that was filled with fun, laughter and lots of conversation. In my ever changing moods, one mood that never changes is the sea of love that I feel for Mr. Man.

Mr. Man and I have a long history, together. We actually met on the playground of elementary school. He was in first grade and I was in half day K. It wasn't love at first sight. In fact it was more like heavy disdain at first sight. Or, maybe it was love hiding away until the perfect opportunity came along to present itself as love. Anyway, Mr. Man and I went to school, together, in our early elementary years and then met back up in high school. Love in high school? No. Not. At. All. There was never any love sparking in me for Mr. Man. Don't get me wrong. He was a hottie, had lots of girlfriends, was funny and I was friends with all of his friends but I still carried that disdain for Mr. Man.

And then the tides The door opened, the love poured in. Sappy....and sappy is not us. Anyway, Mr. Man and I had our first date when I was in town during my Christmas break of junior year in college. We dated, dated and dated. We broke up, broke up and broke up. We dated, again...we very well could hold the title for longest dating couple before deciding to either get married or jump ship. Ironically, as I was getting ready to jump ship, Mr. Man was flashing an engagement ring in my face at the very same moment. No joke. As my speech was coming out about calling it quits, his speech started about getting married and when he flashed the ring, I think I got hysterical blindness because it took me 10 minutes to regain my sight to even see the ring.

We have had a long relationship and with each Valentine's Day, I am reminded, all over, about why I love him. He is one of the only people that can take me from tears to busting out laughter in a matter of minutes, he takes care of me and is an excellent father to the cheerleader. He has a smile that lights up the entire universe and at the same time, his eyes shine so brightly that you feel like a million sparkling stars are shining. He's a great guy, still the love of my life and can still make my heart burst with all things love.

In my ever changing moods, he is my forever valentine and I forever feel lost in the sea of love that is him.

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