Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Apologies

This post is not starting with a song title. I need to clarify and apologize.

I have been working on my blog for about a week and I have been referring to my home and rural area as, Green Acres. It is what I have called it since I moved to the country and everyone has always called me, Lisa Douglas. BUT....after reading the blog of someone I respect and who actually lives a very similar lifestyle, it dawned on me that she also calls her life, Green Acres. I do not want to seem like a fake or a copycat or a rip-off queen.

So...from this post forward, I vow to decide on a different term to refer to my house in the country surrounded by farmland.

Susan, if you by chance start to read this blog, know that it did not dawn on me that you called your estate by the same name. to find the new farm name for the place I live.


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