Thursday, March 18, 2010

Circle Game

This week has a been a week of wonderful, warm and sunny spring-like weather. It is always a huge pleasure to cross that threshold from winter weather into this sunny and mild weather. This year, I am appreciating the coming of spring with even more excitement! As you all have followed me on my journey, you know that the winter on Maggie's Farm has been a complete drag. So, I am welcoming each of these beautiful days with open arms.

In my ever changing moods, the onset of spring always makes me feel like I am a young kid, again, or a carefree teen, again. I remember getting so excited at the first hint of warmth. Back then, it meant longer afternoons and evenings on my bike or playing in the neighborhood. When I was a bit older, it meant longer times to drive around in our cars with the windows down, 8 track tapes blaring and spending time at the local park just hanging out, sitting on cars, throwing frisbees and listening to tunes. Spring was both a time of revving up and mellowing out. There was a sense that anything and everything was possible. A time to renew and recreate.

I still get excited at the first hint of spring. I open the windows, drive with my sunroof open, blare music through my Ipod, stay outside and work because the day is longer, throw cutoffs and flipflops on. There is still that rush that anything is possible! Okay, I don't hang at the local park or sit on my car while chatting at the local park. But, I do still feel like running around and throwing a frisbee. And, I do still get that same sense that anything and everything is possible. It definitely is a time to renew, restore, recharge and recreate!

Yesterday, the cheerleader was home after school. This is a rare thing for her since she is usually busy with practices and meetings each and every afternoon. She and one of her bffs took off for the mall and then she called and said that they weren't ready to come home, yet, because it felt so good to drive around with their windows open and they just wanted to keep driving.

I had to just smile through the phone. Her statement took me back to me and my bffs in the carefree days of early springs. The fun, the driving, the laughter, the singing. I knew exactly what the cheerleader was talking about and it filled my heart with happiness that she is enjoying her youth and her spring weather just as I had. Life and the onset of spring really is a circle game.

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