Monday, March 29, 2010

Iko, Iko

It's Monday, again!! Wait...wasn't I just basking in Friday?? Time flies when it's the weekend. Anyway, hoping that your Monday is kicking off to a great start!

As usual, my weekend was busy, full of stress with the cheerleader, filled with relief over cheer tryouts and then spent the rest of the time hanging out with Mr. Man. On Saturday, we enjoyed our favorite chinese takeout, watched a car auction on tv, I had a lunch to attend, yesterday, at my mother's house, and then I met up with Mr. Man, later in the day, to do a couple of errands. On our way back into town, we decided to make it an impromptu date night. He has been crazy, crazy busy with work and the past couple of weeks have sort of floated by with us barely having time for a conversation. The cheerleader was away at a friend's for the night, so we had nobody to worry about at home.

So, we stopped at a local Mexican place, had a couple of cold Coronas with lime, enjoyed some chips and salsa and an order of chicken nachos. We rented the movie, The Hangover, and ended up laughing so hard we cried. If you enjoy dark, sick humor, this is your movie.

In my ever changing moods, last night was a much needed break for both of us. We are a household of everyone running in different directions, at all times. It is so nice and means so much to me when we can just sort of lock the doors, turn off the lights and watch a movie. We don't seem to groove to sappy, love movies, when we are watching, together. We go for the humor, the sick, or the action. Last night's movie provided all of those.

There is one scene of the movie that is a total nod to the movie, Rain Man. Hence the title of my blog entry, today. It also happened to have been a fun song that the Grateful Dead would sometimes play at a concert. Often mistaken for, Women Are Smarter, since the intro. sounds the same. But, you don't need a lesson in the songs of The Grateful Dead. You just need to know that last night was fun, the movie is hysterically funny so you should rent it and the song is fun. What more is there to life??

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