Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pink Houses

Today, the weather is warm and sunny and I had a few errands to run so I cranked up the tunes and opened the sunroof on my VWBeetle, Sugaree. That's her name. I name all of my cars. It's an

Anyway, as I was driving, Pink Houses came on my Ipod. This song never ceases to bring a huge smile to my face. Nothing makes me remember campus life and sorority life quite like this song. 1983-1984 campus life at it's best.

I went to a smallish university in Kentucky. I loved the school, loved my sorority and loved the friendships that remain, still to this day. In my ever changing moods, remembering college is one of my favorite times in life to remember. I mean, I don't sit around and were my glory days and now they are over. I just mean that there is no other time like those four years in a person's life. How much fun, laughter and parties can a person fit into four years? A lot. Oh, and the academics. Yes, yes, yes...of course, we were in college to also LEARN something.

There is nothing quite like moving back to campus on moving in day at the beginning of fall. I remember the packing, the moving, the reuniting with old pals that you were seperated from all summer. I have to stop here to say...yes, this was before cell phones, My Space, Facebook, IMs or emails. When the year was over, we all had to part ways. No staying connected 24/7. You left in May and returned at the end of August or beginning of September. Unless you took a road trip to see everyone, you did not see them for months. You went home and spent the summers working at a summer job and spent time with your high school pals and lived at home. Or, you stayed and went to summer school. But, I always went home to work summer jobs to save money to pay for my sorority, sorority housing costs, formals for dances and fun money. My parents only took care of the basics....the horror!! Anyway...that was college life, the old school way.

Then, summer ended, you moved back and campus was all rockin'. Friends hugging, everyone lugging tons of stuff up to dorm rooms and into houses. Music blaring all over campus. Which brings me to the Pink Houses semester. The song blared all over as we moved in, it blared at rush parties, it blared downtown and it blared at house parties. There was an old bar in our college town that catered to the greek organizations. It was popular to go there on Friday nights with your fellow sorority or fraternity. My sorority loved this song because we could change some of the words and insert our sorority name. We could sing it really loud and as a large group standing on top of tables or chairs all hugging. The pink part was handy as one of our sorority colors happened to be pink. So....Friday nights, happy hours, cue the music and you have a big group of girls shouting this song as our theme song. It was great fun.

Like I said, this song always brings a smile to my face. For me, it was a time of carefree fun, close friends, all of us on the adventure of our lives, learning about life for the first time. And, I still mess with the words. Because to me, it will always be...Little Pink Houses for Delta Z!! And then the memories all come flooding back.

In my ever changing moods, campus life was a great time in life. I was lucky to be a part of it and I treasure the memories and the song.

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