Monday, March 22, 2010

Waiting On A Friend

On Saturday, I was waiting on a friend. My friend, Dawn, was coming from Illinois to visit her son at a nearby university. So, she was going to skip over to Maggie's Farm for a girl's night after her visit. I was so excited to see her because she makes me laugh, we have a lot in common and it would be the first time she was a house guest.

We have a history that dates back almost to almost 13 or 14 years. We met at the wonderful, Moms Online, back in it's heyday in the late 90s. We met on a food/dinner board. She was almost my age and was raising an only, just like me. She married the love of her life, just like me, and our friendship started over a little recipe that I posted on that board called, Dixie Chicken.

As online boards go, that whole network broke up, moved on and we were all left to pick up the pieces. During that time frame, we packed up and moved to Maggie's Farm and I was so busy getting things moved and settled, that I hadn't had any internet time. By the time I was all hooked up and ready to roll, I had to find a new group of internet foodies to hang with. So, I found them, hooked up, and out of the blue there was Dawn!! Again, we reconnected over, Dixie Chicken.

We bonded, survived more board closings and break ups and finally got to meet at a lunch in Indianapolis, last year, when my online friends surprised me with a big gathering of friends I had met, friends I had never met and friends I had lost track of. And, sitting there in the midst of all the faces was Dawn. We finally met and from that moment on, we have laughed ourselves silly. We have cried, meowed, supported and loved. We share an obnoxious sense of humor, we can relate when it comes to mothering an only, we sing at LOUD decibels, we like to have fun, we talk over eachother, we share pretend rock star boyfriends...she has Steven Tyler, I have Mick Jagger. We have weathered many stormy and rocky internet boards and we are still standing strong. We laughed on Saturday and decided that if our current board has a board breakup, then it really is all about us and we will just have to form a board of two. Seriously, after a person goes through a million board breakups and you are still with a few of the same people, that speaks volumes. I love my internet friends. I just hope the circle doesn't keep getting smaller.

Dawn got to meet Mr. Man, the cheerleader, one of the cheerleader's bffs, the world's oddest cat and we plowed through a bit of the vino. We laughed and dished and laughed some more and then Sunday came too quick!! I bid her farewell and enjoyed our short time, together.

In my ever changing moods, I love and standby all of my friends. Some, I see daily, others not so much, and still others have not yet been met but someday we will!!

It makes me happy to anticipate my visits with friends....I guess I am always just waiting on a friend...

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