Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Want To Be Sedated

Well, who doesn't, right?? Actually, not only does this song remind me of club dancing, back in the day, it also is a song that I sing in my head each and every time I have a dental appointment. Going to the dentist, as we all know, is a must. In my ever changing moods, going to the dentist rates right up there with poking needles in my eyes.

When you are young and you go to the dentist you get all kinds of fun prizes and your name goes on a big wall of cavity free kids, etc. You skip out of the office with the taste of bubblegum flouride treatments in your mouth, a handy goody bag of new toothbrushes, floss, fun stuff. And, you get to pick a prize from the jolly treasure chest. When you are in your mid 40s, you get lots of lectures and warnings about fun stuff called peridontal disease, gum care, plaque buildup and then xrays that show them that you will either have healthy teeth into your 100s or if you need root canal/crowns/loads of fun stuff. Plus, I am convinced that my gums are 200% more sensitive to cleanings, now, so popping a couple of Advil is important before I step foot in the door.

Anyway, my whole life, I have had excellent teeth. One cavity and super strong teeth. And, the whole cavity thing made me mad because I don't even call it my fault. I call it the fault of the ugly braces I wore in grades 7,8 and 9. So, this cavity was filled in the mid 70s and it lasted until 2009. It seemed to crack when I was chewing on a pistachio. I went to the dentist to have it looked at and refilled. And this has started a journey of irritating, multiple dental visits because he can't seem to get the filling right.

Did dentists of the 70s have a better way to install a filling? Was the material a super cavity filler of lead? All I know is that since 2009, I have made about 5 visits to the dentist about this faulty filling. It either comes loose, cracks off or doesn't fit right. HOW HARD CAN THIS BE?? He is filling a large molar. I have been patient and understanding and told him it's not his fault. But, come's a filling!!

I had a cleaning appointment the other day plus an appointment to, you guessed it, fix the filling....AGAIN. This time, it is worse than it has ever been. Very frustrating. Not only do I have to try to chew on one side of my mouth, I also have to be careful not to run my tongue over the filling because it has something sharp and I am afraid of a big slash to the underside of my tongue.

So, this morning, I get to call them...AGAIN. Sit in the dental chair...AGAIN. And hope for the filling of all fillings to be corrected.

In my ever changing moods, as I sit in that dental chair with my mouth full of drilling, sanding, and who knows what else goes on, I just want to be sedated!!!!

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