Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get Off Of My Cloud

Somedays, don't you just want to yell this to the world? Every once in a while, I hit a day or a week where I just want to put this song on a boom box and in the style of John Cusak in the movie, Say Anything, blare it at everyone who approaches me. It could be a warning of sorts. Press play and they back off.

In my ever changing moods, I sing this song in my head, a lot. I don't like when lots of little things build up and escalate and you know that you have no control over if friends are arguing or if they are arguing with you or if your child doesn't want to hear what you are saying or the inside of your head feels like the information super highway. I mean, somedays, you just want to say, enough! Back off, people. I cannot fix your happiness, I cannot fix what is already broken in a friendship, I cannot control the sun, the moon and the stars. I don't have eight hands to sign the stack of permission slips that have piled up in the cheerleader's car that should have been handed to me, a week ago and what??? You are surprised that my mind doesn't have a spot stored for all of the things that are mumbled at me in passing but apparently I am supposed to understand, remember and do...?

I know...we are all supposed to be super moms, super friends, super miracle workers, super everything. But, what would happen if people across America decided to stop, load up the old boom box and just blare this song?

Some of you may think that this is a post about me having a bad attitude. Not really...I may be feeling the last remnants of the long winter, or the sting of frienships gone south, or the overload of mom information that I should remember on a moment's notice but it's not about having a bad attitude. It is about a new awareness. A new awareness that would be so simple. Just aim and press play. Yes, this job is too big for an Ipod. This requires a really old school boom box with a great old school cassette tape.

If everyone pressed play, all at once, do you think people would get the idea to get off of your cloud and tend to their own cloud? Fix what's broken or wrong on their cloud and let you just drift blissfully by on your cloud? Give you permission slips or information or schedules as you need them so that your cloud is peaceful and not ready to turn gray and storm??

In my ever changing moods, this makes my mood smile. I love the thought of just a little action of a boom box blaring this song and all of a sudden, people just tend to themselves.

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