Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

Mondays are bad enough but when you add rain and cold to the mix, they are really bad. I am usually a very upbeat person no matter what day of the week it is but Mondays just hit me like a brick wall. The Monday morning blues, the Monday fog from the weekend. I have been like this my whole life. I don't like Mondays.

I love Friday and all of the anticipation of what the weekend will bring. When I was young, it meant fun, fun, fun. The thought of no school loomed ahead for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Then, later on Sunday evening, that dreaded Monday feeling would start to creep up. The thought of rushing through forgotten weekend homework, a last minute project, just the thought of waking up and getting back into the school groove.

Mr. Man gets busy and distracted, again, the cheerleader is busy with school and her activities. Everyone is coming and going and sometimes there is very little time to just have all of us home at once to even have a conversation. It feels like a green flag is waving in front of me when I wake up on Monday morning and it's a mad race, all week. Then, Friday comes along and blissfully carries you into the weekend where everyone is more relaxed, more fun and we have time to actually talk or at least spend a few minutes laughing and hanging out.

Friday seems to weave a coccoon around me and holds me in a relaxed state. Mr. Man and I have date nights on Saturdays, a lot, and I love spending time with him. Even if we are just hanging out at home, together, it's great fun. The cheerleader is usually in and out, all weekend, with friends and I love hearing their music and laughter and their activities.

Just as everyone is getting settled into that great weekend feeling and groove, the alarm goes off, it's early Monday morning and everyone is running around in a state of crabbiness, unorganizaion, stress mode and chaos. Before I know it, the cheerleader is on her way to school leaving a cloud of dust when she exits. Mr. Man is already out the door and absorbed back into his work mode and I am left looking forward to Friday.

This morning was no different and to add to the Monday mania, there was hard rain and a chill to the air. In my ever changing moods, I remain not in love with Mondays.

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