Saturday, March 27, 2010

Playing In The Band

It's Saturday and like many years, March is leaving Maggie's Farm in a ball of fire. It teased us with almost two weeks of warm and sunny weather. It let us go out and get our groove on with flipflops, skirts, cutoffs and shades. Then, yesterday, we woke to snow, ice, wind and cold. But, blue skies are on the horizon, the snow is melting and some of my flowers are peeking out to bloom.

So, it's one of those "in between" kind of Saturdays. Not warm enough to do outside work but too pretty to want to be stuck inside. If you need a song or a book to pass the time, you know I have suggestions for both on my Suggestion

Go out and enjoy!!

Excellent journey with The Dead...

Love this version of the song and love the Winterland concert. I liked the years that Donna sang with the band and her scream in this song is amazing. I know, I know, many people who followed The Grateful Dead called her the Yoko of The Dead. I like her voice with them, though...

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