Saturday, May 22, 2010

Everybody's Working For The Weekend

Or, in my case, I am WORKING, this weekend. I am in charge of selling sodas at a memorial fundraiser. I have been crazy busy since I posted that I was going to see my friend, Dawn, and I am sorry for neglecting my blog.

After today, time should once again be on my side and I can start daily blogging, again. When I return, I have a special birthday tribute, the winners of the first contest and the posting of the playlist for summer 2010 and my suggestion Saturday!

Much love until we meet, again!!


tammy said...

I seriously neglected my blog. Feels good to be back, though. Looking forward to seeing that playlist. I totally drew a blank on the assignment! hehe

Pamela said...

Don't make me kick your booty!!! There will be more assignments coming up.

You know, it really bugged me on the days when I was too busy to blog!!! It's my thing and I don't like it to messed with...