Saturday, May 29, 2010


It's Saturday and it's an exciting weekend for me. I have been waiting for this weekend since January. This is the weekend that I finally go to see Carole King and James Taylor in concert! I am so excited for this and may not sleep until tomorrow night.

This concert is to be an intimate affair with two of the music world's most legendary pair. It will be a tribute to the first time they played on stage, together, at the famous, Troubador! They are recreating the show with their original band members. I have followed the California music scene of the 60s and 70s like it's my job and this upcoming concert thrills me beyond words!! I wonder if I could stalk them, somehow, and ask them to sign my, Canyon Of Dreams book? Maybe not.

Anyway, like every Saturday, I like to just throw suggestions out...if you are looking for a really mellow and really wonderful and iconic album to listen to over the holiday, grab the Tapestry album (cd/download)...I know, I know, I date myself with the album talk.

If you remember the music, the first time around, rediscover it. If you were too young and have never listened to it, do me a favor and find it and just sit and listen. Songwriters/singers/album visionaries don't come along very often. She is an icon, paved the road for many female singers and makes my ever changing moods swoon.

Have a great holiday weekend, be safe, be happy, be respectful of the reason we celebrate, Memorial Day.


Anonymous said...

You will have such a GREAT time! I'm glad the weekend has finally arrived. It seems like ages ago we were looking at the dates for the tour. Wish I were going with you! Dawnrvr

Pamela said...

It was definitely well worth the four month wait!!! You need to go to the Chicago show!!