Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gimme Shelter

It's Saturday!! Hope that in your area you are having groovy weather. We are having the kind of high winds that could take the roof off of the house and we are losing branches off of trees at Maggie's Farm. It was hard to even sleep with all of the noise.

So, how appropriate for my Suggestions on Saturday. I was going to suggest this most powerful rockumentary, anyway, until I realized that these winds will make you want to run for shelter.

If you love The Rolling Stones, like I do, you will love this ultimate documentary of a very specific time in rock history. It was to be a film of the Rolling Stones and their 1969 tour. It started out to be what was billed as the best rockumentary ever made. It is that, in my opinion, but it had such a tragic turn of events that it became epic for other reasons. Watch the powerful Stones and absorb the music.

Love In Vain is one of my fav Stones songs of all times. It is a cover of a 1930's Robert Johnson blues song. The Stones set to their own groove.

So, if you are having a chilly Saturday in May and just want to curl up on the sofa, check out the movie and tunes...

Again, these music, book and movie suggestions are all just from me. They are what I like and I like to share them with you on Suggestions On Saturdays. Just my opinions on the things that I like that ramble around in my head.

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