Monday, May 17, 2010

Not In These Shoes

Over the weekend, I was going through some of my magazines and one magazine that was dedicated, totally, to the upcoming movie release of my fav show of all time! I delved into the magazine and then I followed that by viewing a marathon of my dvds of the show. I like to put them on while I am working around the house. The show can still transport me even while performing the most mundane of household duties.

In my ever changing moods, there will never be another show, to me, that will ever come close to Sex And The City. It was a one of a kind. A classic. A once in a lifetime experience. And, once again, we, the fans, are about to be able to revisit four of our old friends. When the second movie premieres, masses of women will be there to cheer, cry, laugh, bond, and smile. Our hearts will soar with happiness and our heads will want to go out and shop!!! We will toast them with Cosmos and we will wear our best cocktail attire to the theatre. Fans of the show, true fans, know what I am talking about. It will once again be time to celebrate women and friendship. Because, although these women were just characters in a make believe world, they represented something so foreign to women, today. They represented real freindship. Honest, loyal, supportive, mature friendship. I wish we had this, again, today.

In the magazine, I was reading interviews given by each of the four women. Sarah Jessica Parker made a statement that said if they were to start the show, now, she just didn't think that they would. And, it wasn't because the characters were now older or that the economy was different or that New York was was because, and this made me really sad, there would be no interest in the story of four girlfriends who genuinely liked to be together. Of course, a bit of the problem would still be the new economy, new politics and a very post 9/11. Let's face it, the other big attractions to the show were the city, the excesses, the fashion, the recklessness. But, the core, the never falterng core, was the friendship.

It makes me so sad and so nostaligic for this show when I watch some of the so called reality shows of today that claim to be about friends. I am guilty of tuning into the Bravo Housewives shows but lately, they just make me sad. There seems to be so much emphasis on tearing one another apart, showcasing jealousy, bad mouthing, dragging names through the mud that it makes me cringe. And, it makes me miss the four wide eyed girls that we first met in 1998.

I had no idea what to expect when this show premiered. I remember wanting to check it out, made sure the very young cheerleader was tucked into bed, hurried Mr. Man through dinner and then excused myself to watch the show in private. It premiered, it was love at first sight, and I was a fan to the end. That was back before Tivo or dvrs. We were at the mercy of the pesky vcrs to do our taping for us. So, there was no rewinding, mid action, to see something you may have missed. I began a habit of shutting myself into a room to view each Sunday. I accepted no phone calls, nothing. I permitted nobody to watch with me because I wanted no babble while it was on. For 30 minutes, you totally lost yourself in the friendship and fabulousness. It was a defining show for women. It showed us that yes, girlfriends were important! Yes, fashion was important! Women shopped in droves. It brought back glamour, it brought back sky high heels, it brought back handbags and most importantly, it brought us the idea that anything was possible as long as you had your friends.

Maybe that is what is wrong with some of the women and girls of today. They don't have four pals to view and fall in love with and want to have girlfriends just like them. They only get to see shows that feature catfights, tantrums, bad fashion and all out vulgar behavior.

Sometimes, I like to put my dvds in, close my eyes, imagine that it is once again, 1998, and the friendship circle is just starting, all over again. A time when the magic of caring was more important in a friendship than the fights we see on so called friendship shows, now.

If you were a fan, you know what I am talking about. If you weren't a fan, or at the time, not old enough to be a fan, it's not too late. Grab some dvds and be prepared to view friendship, the way it was meant to be.

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