Monday, May 24, 2010

Summertime Superman

As promised, I am giving a rundown of the winners of the first challenge/contest on My Ever Changing Moods. It's the Summer of 2010 playlist that was compiled by fans and their suggestions!! I look forward to putting the playlist on my Ipod and playing loudly in my convertible, all summer!!

Thanks for the great responses!!! It was fun to see the suggestions and what some of the songs meant to my fans.

The contest was fun and yes, the answer to the question....What scares me in the kitchen? was...baking!!! If you read one of my early posts, Muffin Man, you will remember how I freeze and get blurred vision at the mere mention of baking. Yes, I do bake simple items like muffins but if given an elaborate baking recipe...I freeze in terror. My mind just won't go there. I do it but it terrifies me.

The three winners who answered first and answered correctly were...Myra, Dawn and Kathy!!! Congrats, girls!!! A copy of the playlist will be winging itself to each of you to enjoy all summer!!

The final playlist was this...(I might add that if there was an award to most songs submitted, it would have to go to Chris. Following him would be Lynn!! WTG, fans!)

My Ever Changing Moods Summer of 2010 Playlist:

1. Born To Run...Bruce Springsteen (Donna)
2. Jungleland...Bruce Sprinsteen (Donna)
3. Let The Good Times Roll...The Cars (Lisa)
4. All Summer Long...Kid Rock (Kathy)
5. Sweet Emotion...Aerosmith (Dawn)
6. Summertime...Kenny Chesney (Betsy)
7. I Want You To Want Me...Cheap Trick (Chris)
8. Train In Vain...The Clash (Chris)
9. Summer Of '69...Bryan Adams (LynneR)
10. Heart Of Glass...Blondie (Autumn)
11. Sweet Talking Woman...ELO (Autumn)
12. Emotional Rescue...The Rolling Stones (Jennifer)
13. Good Vibrations...The Beach Boys (Marlene)
14. Rikki Don't Lose That Number...Steely Dan (Myra)
15. Fox On The Run...Sweet...(LynnB)
16. Go All The Way...The Raspberries...(LynnB)

Remember to keep checking back for the next music challenge and contest!

The most essential part of summer is the music. Summer tunes are made for fun in the sun!! Crank up the tunes and let the summer fun begin!

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