Saturday, July 24, 2010

Camel Walk

It's Saturday, yes, you already know this because I am blogging my socks off about it...but, since it IS Saturday, you know I like to share what I have been reading, listening to, watching over the week...

I continue on my BEE marathon of re-visits. I am now getting ready to begin, The Informers, by Bret Easton Ellis. It is one that didn't hold my attention the first time around but then, I tend not to enjoy the form of short stories all interacting. It's just me and the way my brain works. Anyway, I think that I may enjoy it, more, this second time.

There was a movie and a rockumentary that I watched with J, this week. The movie is so hysterically funny. Well, it may not be humor for everyone's liking but we found it extremely funny. It's a great ensemble cast, some of the best lines, and fun music. It's on older movie but so fun!

The rockumentary was, The Festival Express. Great documentary about a rock tour that took place in Canada. The great music icons of the day, in 1970, all boarded a train as they toured Canada and stopped and played concerts in various cities. To watch it, now, brings chills. The youthful musicians all together, jamming, partying, tuning into each other's music and jam sessions. You see a young Janis, just months before her death. You see a young Jerry and to watch him and hear him, brings a tear to your eye. It was a time when their youthful ideals were still in play along with their music but it was also a time that was on the cusp of change. These musicians were some of the greatest, still are, always will be.

And, watching the movie, Flirting With Disaster, brought back my love for the band, Southern Culture On The Skids. Camel Walk was featured in the movie and it made me dig out our cd and I want to download it to my Ipod. We used to listen to them back in the mid-late 90s. It brings back memories of a couple of our good friends, our good times and a really bizarre road trip we took for a weekend down in Key West.

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citymouse said...

I love SCOK!!! Camel Walk is an awesome tune and now it's all I can think about... not a bad way to start a Monday, I suppose.

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