Friday, July 16, 2010

We Are Family

A couple of weeks ago, our friends, B and Je, were here to see Furthur with us and to stay the night. Je and I had a lot of time to chat and she was telling me about a program she has become very active with. She is working to bring family tv night back into homes. The kind of viewing that brings you and your family, together, on a Friday night. The kind of viewing that is suitable for all age groups to view. B and Je have much younger kids than the cheerleader. After they left, it really made me think back to when the cheerleader was young and how we used to drop everything and all watch Friday night television, together.

In my ever changing moods, these are some of my favorite memories. The cheerleader would get her bath, I would make popcorn, J would be running through the door and we would all converge in the cheerleader's room. She had a television and her room was so cute and cozy. Friday nights, we just shut everything else out and the three of us made our own oasis in her room. For some reason, and she and I are still not clear on this, but Friday nights meant that she wanted to make her "fun" bed. This meant getting our her Barbie sleeping bag and pillows and make a comfy bed on her long closet floor. She would open all of the closet doors, get comfy and watch television with us. I don't really even remember the shows or the movies. I just remember the fun times. Yes, we were watching on a small screen when we had a much bigger screen in the family room but it was so nice to feel like we were in our own world.

It makes me even happier that she remembers Friday nights. Now that she is older, we don't all snuggle in front of the tv with feel good viewing. She is not home or we are at a game watching her cheer. Just knowing that the memories we made are a part of her makes me happy.

So, since it is a Friday, and it's summer and the livin' is easy, I want to encourage all of you to think about your family time. Do you have young kids, still? Do you have tweens? Even teens? Why not make Friday night your family night? Je is really on to something and it makes me happy to see someone else carrying out the Friday night movie ritual. Go make memories with your kids!

Tonight, this is what is on for family's on NBC so it couldn't be easier to find...

It may even transport your own memories back to your childhood when family summer movie nights meant packing up and heading to the local drive-in. Remember how fun those family nights were?

*FYI...I am not selling or promoting...I simply am stating what a great idea I think this is...

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Dawn said...

I'll never forget my mom popping a ton of popcorn, putting Cokes into a cooler and then us kids putting on our pajamas and piling into the old station wagon to go to the drive in. Great memories!