Friday, July 2, 2010

They Love Each Other

Today is Furthur!! We have been looking forward to this for a few months. It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, high temps. will be in the 70s and there is no humidity!! No humidity is always a plus for me because that means a good hair day for all the dancing and twirling that I plan to do. Believe me, I have been to Grateful Dead shows, Dark Star shows, Ratdog....and if it's humid and then it's combined with non-stop dancing and twirling, I could end up with large hair. Not good. Anyway, now that I have rated the day according to how my hair will cooperate, what could go wrong??

Today is also the day I change Mr. Man's nickname into, J. He has said that Mr. Man is so boring for him and since I tend to use initials or nicknames in this blog, I am just going with, J, for him.

In my ever changing moods, J and I are so excited to see this show. Our love of music is equal. We may not like all of the same bands or genres but we do agree on our love of The Grateful Dead, our never ending love of Jerry and the music that never stopped. One of my many loves for J is his vast knowledge of love of music. Tonight should be a great night, under the stars, with great friends and my great love! The perfect start to the holiday weekend!

So, it's time to get on the bus and go Furthur!! Have a great holiday weekend, be safe, be happy, love life and each other!

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