Sunday, July 11, 2010

Follow Me

It's Sunday...why is there a blog post from me on a Sunday? Well, I just wanted to let all of you know that very soon, I am going to start a sister blog to My Ever Changing Moods. So there will still be My Ever Changing Moods and then there will be a companion. Keep watching for it. I hope it will be trippy and fun and the romp that I am visualizing in my head.

In My Ever Changing Moods, I am expanding and conquering new avenues in my life and the sister blog is going to follow one of those areas. In a cool way. I hope. It will have it's own fan page on Facebook, too. I hope you all will continue your great support on that fan page, as well!

So, have a great Sunday and when the sister blog is ready, I will post the link. I hope you all will follow me as I mesh the two. Double the fun, double the love.

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