Saturday, July 24, 2010


It is Saturday and the week just sort of went by so quickly in a haze of heat and humidity!! The beginning of the week had me on a roll and I was organized and on top of my game. Wednesday seemed to hit and it was hot and my brain seemed to wilt in the heat. By Thursday, I had forgotten most everything I needed to remember, it felt like everything I was doing was in slow motion and the part of me that should have cared about the state of my mind, just didn't.

In my ever changing moods, I ended up just writing Wednesday and Thursday off as my mindless days. Nothing went right, things were forgotten, my thought processes were in a fog and I just stood around not able to control any of it. So, I just let it all fall. I just shrugged my shoulders and let the fog stick around and then it seemed to lift. The really odd part is that a lot of my friends were saying the same thing about those same two days. I think the planets were out to get some of us and we all decided to just do the same thing. Nothing. It came, it went, we survived.

While I was in my fog, on Wednesday, I also had a ton of errands to run. It was hot, the crazy people were all over the roads, there were screaming kids and screaming moms at the grocery, I forgot a large portion of items I should have been picking up, I had a pounding headache and decided the best thing for me to do would be to just end it, make my purchases, go home and regroup.

On the drive out to Maggie's Farm, I pass a house that I pass, everyday. It sits right on the main road and I always glance over at their farm. While I was driving, I spotted a lemonade stand. One of those great, old fashioned kind of constructed lemonade stands. It had a big sign advertising the drink and it's price. I haven't seen a make-shift, kid run lemonade stand in ages. Maybe because I live in the sticks and the only customers, out here, would be cows and horses.

Just as I was ready to go through the intersection by that house, a big truck of farm equipment pulled out in front of the traffic, causing all of us to slam on our brakes and then wait for him as he couldn't quite make the turn. I was immediately annoyed but then I caught another glimpse of the lemonade stand. As I sat in traffic, I noticed the little girl who was running the lemonade stand. She was jumping in the air, doing cartwheels, doing somersaults and some sort of dance moves. As I watched her do crazy cartwheels, my mood lifted. She was so carefree and nothing was on her mind except enjoying the day and selling some lemonade. Her hair was blowing, she was barefoot and just happy to do her cartwheels.

As the traffic was able to move, again, and we all continued our drives, my spirit had been lifted, immensely, by this young girl and her crazy, carefree cartwheels. As I made my way home, I wondered at what point we all stopped doing cartwheels? Life would be so much more fun if we all just stopped and did something crazy like a cartwheel. I wanted to go back to the lemonade stand and tell the girl that I admired her carefree spirit. But, the next day when I drove past, the stand and the girl were no longer there. In a way, it was like she was just there, on that given time of day, to make me smile.


tammy said...
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tammy said...

I'm totally afraid of what bones might snap in two if I actually physically attempt a cartwheel. However, in my mind...yea, in my mind I L.O.V.E. doing the cartwheels. :) Makes for a much better day!